Strange Odors That Smell Good?

Are there actually odors in this world that actually smells good?

Hello, I am going to tell you about strange odors that somehow actually smell good. There are actually a couple of posts on other websites about how they like the smells of other stuff.

1. Skunk Odor

There are actually many people in the world that like skunk odors. Why, I have no clue. Here are some posts on people that actually like the smell of a skunk.

User Words:

I love the smell of skunks!

I DO like a skunk smell ==from a distance

2. Gasoline

I personally love the smell of gasoline. I actually found tons of posts of people liking the smell of gasoline. I guess that this is normal.

User Posts:

I love the smell of gasoline, and so does my wife. Sometimes, if the smell is especially strong, we look at each other and say, “Mmm…cyclobutanes.” It’s a couple thing.

To me it smells sweet.

 I’ve always liked the smell of gasoline. Diesel, too. 

(There is a lot more posts but, I don’t want to flood you guys with posts)

3. Another weird smell is….Body odor….Yep…Body Odor..

I personally find this weird. I don’t know why people like the smell of…body odor. Weird I guess..

User Posts

I sweat a lot. Smell isn’t the problem-it smells good

FARTS smell good

My sweat smells very good

The one that I think is really weird is that people like the smell of there animals. I mean thats normal? Right?

4. Animals

Ok, I don’t have any pets, but my friends have pets, but there pets smell horrible. Maybe these people have different smells. Guess, not everyone can be the same.

5. Bleach

I couldn’t find a picture or any user posts because I forgot to copy them, but…yea

Now, I totally find all of these weird stuff horrible. Though, I love the smell of gasoline and so do many other people. Put in the comments what you think is probably the most disgusting smell that smells good to you. Or just put what smells good to you. Now, I hope you have a better understanding of these weird smells.

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  1. I like the smell of my dogs – anytime – but right after a bath is great!

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