Strokes Can Form in Weird Ways, Check This Out

Sometimes strokes can form…

When you least expect it.  Your arm hurts for no reason. Or other limbs hurt.  Your a part of your leg may start get sore in a certain spot for no reason.  These maybe a sign of a possible stroke.  Reading all about strokes may save your life.  Also, if you can’t take certain aspirin.  You may want to look into that as well.  If you have a line of strokes in your family, inherit dangerous eating habits past down by your grownups.  That too can harm your heart/plus.  

By changing your eating habits, how you cook your foods, when you eat your meals.  Smaller portion them. Also, something to consider eat a huge salad with the lowest calorie salad dressing no egg or no croutons, be extra careful what types ingredients you add to your salad.  Keep in mind that is going in your system.  It will dictate how you maybe feeling later.  Its generally recommended to eat a salad at first your protein then your starch.  Or half you salad at first then finish your salad after you ate you protein filled meat.  Keep in mind your meal is smaller.  It is also suggested to wait in between bites to make sure you are digesting all your bites.  It also helps when you drink a water in between bites to make sure you food is digested.

Also, if you believe in vitamins. Consider garlique vitamins.  That can also help you prevent a heart attack. Walking can also help as well. The lengthier the better.  Or dancing.  An hour or close of enjoyable aerobics can help.  

As well as over the counter heart remedies.  Ask your local Pharmacist for their suggestions.  It is also recommended to go to a reputable drug store or etc.  With the lowest prices.  Have your family with you to help you as well.  To help their health out as well.  

Knowing how to spot a slight stroke is vital. It may not be a normal stroke.  Try avoiding greasy foods.  If you can steamed foods.  Is recommended.  If you have a microwave and a steamer.  Almost anything can go in them. And slow cook your meals.  Make sure you dry them if they glow.  Try avoiding cooking sausage patties on the stove. Remember they are soaking in pure deadly grease (FAT).  

Steamed foods are healthier. That also can go for vegetables you never want to soak them in oils/cook.  If you like hamburgers.. consider steaming them.  Just slowly.  If you like cheese.  Always look at the fat content on your cheese.  How low can you go on the fat,.  You want to go higher on the bottom numbers such as fiber, protein, vitamin A, B,C, D, folic acids,.  

Lots of high fiber drinks V-8 juice, prune juice. As well as water.  It would hurt to walk after you drink either of those drinks.  Just be prepared to go to the bathroom. For obvious reasons.  

Always know your heart health.  As well as you health numbers: cholesterol numbers remember you have a good Cholesterol and bad.  As well as your body mass numbers depending on your height and weight.  If ooyou lose to much weight that may not look good either.   

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