Tartar-Control Toothpaste: Friend or Foe?

That rash around your lips and mouth might not have been caused by something you ate. It could be from your toothpaste.

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Tartar-control toothpaste seems to cause a skin reaction in some people, scientists reveal. The skin reaction is a red, scaly rash around the mouth that causes itching and burning.

Researchers recently studied 20 women who had the rash around their mouths. Apparently, all of the women had been using tartar-control toothpaste several times each day.

The researchers instructed the women to use different kinds of toothpaste without tartar control. The rash cleared up in over half the women after they stopped using the tartar-control toothpaste.

Later studies showed that the women who used tartar-control toothpaste just once a day had no more problems with the rash. But if they used the toothpaste up to three times a day, the rash reoccurred.

The researchers suggest that if you use tartar-control toothpaste and you develop a rash around your mouth, try switching brands of toothpaste. If the rash doesn’t clear up after a few days, try using regular toothpaste that doesn’t contain the tartar-control ingredients.

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  1. I recommend Glister Tooth Paste

  2. Unsa may ngalan ani nga toothpaste beth nga maka tangtang og tartar? naa biya ginagmay tartar akong tango.

  3. @Teves, Try the one that is recommended by cutedrishti or when you buy, read the label for its formulation and usage.

  4. @ cutedrishti. I’m not familiar with the one you recommended, but anyway thanks for always dropping by my articles. Thank you also for the reply to the question of Teves.

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