Tca Peel:get Rid of Dark Circles and Wrinkles Under Eyes

Using the TCA peel to get rid of under eye wrinkles and dark circles.

It started with an extra wrinkle under my eyes.

I have always had bags under my eyes. Even in my early twenties, puffiness below the lower eye lid was nothing new to me.

I had come to accept it and went about my life not giving it a second thought.

As I entered my thirties, I began to notice that my under eye area was getting darker.

A blue/brown color similiar to a bruise was a permanent feature.

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I passed it off as just getting older. I went about my daily life, accept this time I was conscious of it.

It wasn’t until a year ago when I noticed my fine wrinkle line had become a deep trench and a new fine line was developing that I finally decided to do something about it.

Tired of people telling me, “you look tired.”

I began a search for ways to get rid of my under eye, age defining problem.

I came across many creams, rollers, lotions and diet advice that all promised results.

Some would offer temporary solutions some would offer a long term approach that would give no immediate results but promised permanent results in the future.

I tried many of them.

Not finding any real results I was about to call it quits when I stumbled upon the one thing that would change my life..

Well, maybe not change my life but improve my appearance at the very least.

TCA Peel

 TCA (trichloro acetic acid), is an acid that many professional skin care experts, cosmetitians, cosmetic surgeons and the like use on their clients.

It is considered a medium grade peel that supposedly improves, acne scars, fine lines, crows feet, skin discoloration, etc…

After reading some reviews that I believed were non biased (I got them from a forum other than the actual person who would make a profit from my purchase) I purchased a bottle of 50% grade TCA.

This means that the bottle was fifty percent TCA and 50% distilled water, a suffucuent amount since most information you will find does not reccommend putting that high a grade acid directly on your skin.

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  1. I had no idea that there were so many benefits to using tca peel under your eyes. I’d heard about using coffee grounds, but never tca peel. I’ll have to try it out.

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