Teeth and Guns are Important

Your body has many jobs.

Think of some of the things you do everyday.Think of the parts of your body that help you do these things.If you ride a bicycle,yuo use your legs and arms.If you listen to yuor favorite records,you use yuor ears.

Different parts of your body work together to help you do each day.Each part of your body does more special jobs.You may be so used to your body’s doing these jobs that you may not even think about them.Some parts work even when you are asleep.Your heart continues to work when yuo sleep.You could not live if your heart did not continue to do its special job.Your heart’s job is to pump blood throughout your body.

Special Jobs of your teeth and gums

Your teeth and gums are body parts that work together.Your gums cover and protect the bones that hold your teeth inn place.Your teeth and gums do at least three special jobs for you.

Helping you eat. One important job teeth and gums do is help you eat.Your teeth help you chew food.The sharp,flat fromt teeth help you bite and cut food into small pieces.The pointed teeth that are next to the front teeth help you tear food.The teeth that are next to the pointed teeth help you crush and tear food.The wide,rough back teeth help you grind food.Each kind of teeth helps to break down food in its own way.Food is broken down so that it can be swallowed.

Once food is swallowed,it goes into your stomach.Your stomach continues to break down food.Your stomach helps get food ready to be used by your body.Your body uses food to help you grow and be strong.

Helping you talk. Another important job your teeth and gums do is help you talk.Your teeth help you say many words.When you talk,your teeth,gums,lips,and tongue and the shape of your mouth help you make the right sounds.

Say the word thanks.Your tongue touches your teeth to make the th sound.What other letter sounds do your teeth help you make?Your gums also help you say words.Your tongue works with your gums to help make some sounds.For example,say the word dog.You should be able to feel your tongue touch the gums behind your front teeth.You or some of your friends may be missing your front teeth.What sounds are hard to make without the top front teeth?

Helping you look nice.

Another important job your teeth and gums do this by helping shape your face.Your teeth and gums also help you have a nice smile.This is especially true when your smile shows well-cared-for-teeth and gums.

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