Ten Important Health Facts You Need to Know

We have a responsibility to guard our health and guard it enviously for if we lose it, if we dont take care of it, we lose everything else in return. Here are ten facts unknown to many people, facts that may be useful to you and your family.

You do not have to be a health professional or medical practitioner to take charge of your health status and that of your loved ones. There are important health facts that should always be at your fingertips. These are facts not always taught in medical school, facts that always come in handy, facts that have proven awesome in maintaining our health.

  1. Nearly all viral diseases known to man have no cure – Many people afflicted by viral diseases rush to buy broad spectrum antibiotics not knowing that antibiotics are meant to prevent or cure bacterial diseases, not viral diseases! Viral diseases can only be prevented by vaccination, sanitation, sterilization and disinfection among other preventive measures. The antibiotics misused by many patients actually generate resistance in the microbes!
  2. Our genetic constitution determines whether we fall sick or not – Infectious agents are all around us but we don’t always fall sick because of a group of genes located on the shorter arm of Chromosome six known as the MHC – The Major Histocompatibility Complex. The MHC determines our susceptibility or resistance to various diseases and also determines the success or failure of organ or tissue transplantation.
  3. Doctors too make mistakes – Most of us have been too quick to trust our health care providers. We have always assumed that medical information is too hard or complex for us to understand. This can’t be further from the truth. Do not hesitate to seek a second opinion for doctors too however well trained are bound to make mistakes. In most cases, diagnosis is based on the symptoms presented and the opinion of that health professional. Do not be scared into silence. Always seek to understand your condition. Either seek the opinion of another professional or use…you guessed it right, Google!
  4. The mind is always stronger than the body – The will to live and conquer death can actually postpone your demise. Some doctors have been known to kill their patients by a simple opinion like; you have six months to live, or six weeks. Some patients who fought this belief with a strong will went on to live another ten or twenty years, proving the inevitable. Our minds are stronger than our bodies and may determine whether we live or die. As proof of the same, patients in coma have thoughts and dreams of their own.
  5. Prevention is better than cure – this is a statement that has been used time and again but never been taken seriously by both individuals and the government. Governments especially those in the third world continue to spend a fortune on diseases whose prevention would have cost them next to nothing. Individuals too continue to focus on curative medicine at the expense of prevention. Most of us would rather take slimming pills that walk for thirty minutes everyday to cut weight. Most of us would rather undergo liposuction than focus on a healthy diet.
  6. Generic drugs have less potency – My dear goodness, this is a myth rather than a fact. So many patients believe this nonsense. When a particular brand is prescribed by a physician, many patients will never imagine taking the cheaper alternative offered by the chemist since they believe cheaper alternatives, popularly known as generics are less potent. Save your money and buy generic, they are often as good as those expensive brands prescribed and the composition is no different.
  7. Alternative medicine is cheaper than conventional treatment – Many patients believe that alternative medicine, also known as natural cure is cheaper compared to going to hospital, talking to a health practitioner and swallowing those pills prescribed. Not necessarily. Alternative medicine may have fewer if any side effects, but more often than not, it is either very expensive or very time consuming.
  8. Dietary cholesterol should be avoided at all cost – Nothing can be further from the truth. Cholesterol is a lipid alcohol necessary for the synthesis of all steroid hormones such as progesterone, estrogen, testosterone and aldosterone. Diseases associated with this lipid have a genetic predisposition rather than dietary. Whether you take it in the diet or not, the body will still synthesize this lipid for it is absolutely necessary.
  9. Doctors can heal almost anything – The medical field is complicated. There are more than 30,000 diseases of which only about 10,000 have been documented. Of these 10,000, only about 30% have a cure and even for those that have a cure, medical practitioners still depend on trial and error at times and symptomatic treatment in other cases. Doctors, however well trained, are human and can’t have absolute knowledge of all disorders associated with the human body.
  10. Your health is your responsibility – You heard me. Do not blame your parents, do not blame the government, and do not blame the society when disease strikes. Take full responsibility for your health, for passing the back when you or a loved one falls sick is completely missing the point. Nothing will eliminate pathogens overnight and neither can a government however democratic or communist guarantee absolute health. Do everything in your power to stay healthy. Exercise, eat healthy food, drink a lot of water and read Triond.
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  1. Well from agony aunt to consulting health guru you are a man of many skills…. this article is laid out pretty good for a layman, as for my self…. I think I am as fit, and healthy as I need to be, hopefully…. I do try, but then I am a hedonist at heart, so it kind of contradicts my health at times. great post Shilaho

  2. well done, I am impressed by your knowledge in so many areas.
    Good to read these health information as health is wealth.
    By the way, just curious, your new profile picture, the baby so cute, your baby or the baby is you? Heehee.

  3. well done, I am impressed by your knowledge in so many areas.
    Good to read these health information as health is wealth.
    By the way, just curious, your new profile picture, the baby so cute, your baby or the baby is you? Heehee.

  4. Great post Shilaho, people do tend to believe their Doctor no matter what he might say always wise to get a second opinion they are only human, and a good pharmacist is a wealth of information. thanks for the info

  5. nice

  6. Very good points here and so well-articulated.

  7. Excellent post. I really liked point number 4. Mind is stronger than body. many don’t believe this.

  8. A great article, Shilaho. I agree that it is our responsibility to take care of our health. The way we live our lives certainly contributes to the stresses and strains we put ourselves under. Doctors do what they can but they are not miracle workers.


  9. Yes, generic drugs are just as good as the brand name drugs. As a matter of fact they are the same drug. I learned this when I was a nursing student many years ago.

  10. A very well-presented and informative article. Yes, it is very important to eat right and exercise at least three times daily. Avoid saturated fats and keep your cholesterol down. At times, I wonder if generic medicines are as effective as the brand name ones. Good tip. Read Triond.

  11. Such compositions are useful and beneficial articles is expected. Please continue to write

  12. Such compositions are useful and beneficial articles is expected. Please continue to write

  13. In all seriousness where do you get the ideas for these great articles?

  14. All your information is well presented. And doctors can make mistakes, as you point out. If you need surgery or any complicated treatment always seek out a second opinion or a third one. Most of us can improve our health with exercise and a healthy diet.

  15. Good common-sense list with catchy ending. Nicely done.

  16. Important ten points. I think our healthiness mostly depends on our lifestyle. Many times we do things or eat stuff which we know bad for health yet cannot resist ourselves.
    Good article.

  17. Where do I get the ideas?

  18. Well, I am a trained Medical Biochemist, whatever that means, a college tutor running a medical school of my own, and a businessman who loves writing and parenting above everything. Has that answered you my friends? Thanks for your comments.

  19. Great share….

  20. I have just caught a look at some kids in Kenya shouting we want our rights…. on Scottish news with a big banner NHCR great to see so many connections. cheers Jimmy

  21. Very well done and eplanitorily comprehendible

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