The 33 Best Ways to Stay Healthy Inside and Outside

Here are some of the best ways to stay healthy.

There are many infomercials in the television which say that you don’t need to do much to stay healthy all you need to do is to drink or use their products. Do not believe them because most of them are just hoax. Here are some of the most effective way of staying healthy.

1. Drink Water. As we all know, the majority of our body is composed of water. We need to drink at least 8 glasses of water to cleanse up and revitalize the body cells after a very tiring work.

2. Eat fruits and vegetables. These foods contain low calories and fats and even contain high concentration of vitamins. Eating these can help the body protect itself from the surrounding viruses and bacteria.

3. Exercise Daily. It is healthy to exercise 60 minutes daily to keep the body fit. It will burn the fats and calories you have taken from eating your meal.

4. Take Natural Supplements. There are times that you are not taking enough nutrients so it is advisable to take multivitamins.

5. Always stay positive. When you think positive, you will be able to stay away from stress because you will think that there will always be a solution to your problems.

6. Take a sleep for 8 hours. After a long day of work, the body should be rested to revitalize all the worn out cells of the body.

7. Never forget to smile always.

8. Always socialize with other people. It is always nice for a person to express his feelings and emotions to his or her friends so that he will not have a hard time keeping it to himself or herself.

9. Never be ashamed to express your emotions. Just keeping your problem to yourself will never help you. Stress and disappointments will just build up inside of you.

10. Know your purpose in life. Although some people will find this one disturbing, it is true that finding your purpose in life will really help a person live a fruitful life.

11. Breath Normally. This one is very obvious but there are some instances in which people have the habit of having bad sleeping position. Never cover your head while sleeping because it will trigger carbon dioxide build up that will make your brain function abnormally.

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  1. This was the biggest waste of a StumbleUpon I have ever seen. What a redundant and stale list. And what the hell is religion doing in the mix. Unbelievable. Whoever wrote this should be slapped for wasting my time.

  2. I think this is a very comprehensive and positive list and beg to differ with the idiot before me.

  3. Keep oneself in harmony,and healthy .All these precepts are including in your advices,to the contrary, it would be wrong for me .

  4. Thanks for the comments guys.
    *first, religion is important because even in science, it is stated that worshiping according to one’s faith is important in living a healthy lifestyle.
    * second, the words are repeated for a purpose. It’s never for redundancy but for emphasis.
    *third, I must also agree that 30 minutes for 3-4 times a week is also advisable..but I prefer the 60 minutes because walking and simple stretching is also a form of simple exercise also, or even cleaning the mess inside your house everyday is already an exercise (unless of course you are lazy enough to help with household cleaning).

    God Bless You All!

  5. Not that I actively participate in organized religion, how does one go about worshiping against their own faith? You could not consider yourself a practitioner if you didn’t “follow the rules” That being said, this is a very comprehensive list most of which I consider common sense but good information none the less. I do have a problem with people who use hand-sanitizer as if they are warding off the plague, but it is handy to have on occasion.

  6. Thanks for sharing this. Nice lists! I’ll try to smile often. It’s very hard when you have kids who quarrels a lot.

  7. Thanks for the list. These are things we need to remind ourselves time and again!

  8. All great advice, so very well laid out for everyone to follow and hopefully improve their health with. Very well written. Michael

  9. All very practical and sound advice Maybe Ronald needs to take some of it on board and chill out

  10. I like your 33 ways to stay healthy, I believe that doing what you said would really improve your life. Even if some don’t believe it’s very nice to read.

  11. Thanks everyone I appreciate your comments. I do believe that this 33 ways of staying healthy is good because it covers all the aspects of life. Although many don’t believe in this article, I know that there are also many who actually like this article. God Bless You All!

  12. This is a comprehensive list and how religion became the one focus point on the list I don’t know. I personally think most of the list is well though out and although I do not agree completely with the list because of other research I have I do think that if you follow the list you would be hard pressed to live a bad life. All of the suggestions are good ones and should at very least be given the proper cosideration before dismissing them out of hand. My friend keep up your good work and keep writting.

  13. Wow, covering every bit of ones life, health, mental aspect, psychological, religious, and overall harmony! This is an excellent article and a great learning. Most of us probably are following most of these points, but not all of these; hence, your article is a great learning to lead a fulfilling life!


  14. These are all fantastic pointers for staying healthy. Thanks a lot ace.

  15. I agree with some of these but others just won’t work for everyone.

    I’m quite happy without faith. I don’t need a partner. Drinking a few beers here and there really cheers me up.

  16. true happiness is not drowning in alcohol

  17. you can smile when i show you my hairy eyeball

  18. Very good advice and well written. Thanks.

  19. Anyone unhealthy should take this excellent advice and apply it immediately Immediately! You are alive!!!

    ronald sampson – have fun at mcdonalds , and refer to this website when you are not feeling so good

  20. These are great and optimistic ways to be healthy!!!

  21. thank you,that was great!!!

  22. Thank you diz really helped.

  23. Que onda mis chavos..avriva el Cruz azul..

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