The Benefits of Drinking Milk (Cow’s) – Five Key Benefits

Milk is tasty, healthy and in my view a little addictive. There are, however, some health benefits of drinking milk that will keep your body and mind ticking over.

I don’t know about you, but I personally think that there is nothing better than a nice glass of milk. I find it more refreshing than water and obviously healthier than tea or soft drinks. The doubters out there will say that most milk is full of fat and it is only healthy for you in small quantities. This is partly true, as drinking gallons of the white stuff daily, especially the full fat variety, isn’t all that good for you. So what are the benefits of drinking milk? I’m here to list them for you, and focus mainly on cow’s milk.

Improves Your Gnashers

If you’re not familiar with gnashers, it means teeth, just for clarification. The interesting thing about milk and teeth is that it is the only drink that is okay to drink between meals as it does not cause tooth decay, which tea, coffee, soda, etc all do. The only other drink that doesn’t do this is water.

A vital benefit of milk to the teeth is that is contains lots of calcium and phosphorous. When we are young, calcium is deposited in our teeth, and as adults it is our responsibility to keep up those calcium levels. If they get too low, the bones in the teeth, will steal the calcium from our bones in the body. This will make tooth decay more common, and also make other bones slightly weaker.Calcium is the most popular mineral in the body, so to become deficient could mean your diet is poor or there could be a medical problem, for which you should see your doctor.

Another benefit of milk, is that it contains casein, which is important for producing a thin layer of enamel on the tooth, which prevents decay and keeps calcium and phosphorous levels in the tooth.

Keeps Your Ticker Ticking Healthily

It seems that lots of foods these days are linked with either an increased risk of cardiovascular disease or a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease. However, with milk a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease is one of it’s main benefits.Those who drink milk are likely to have fewer or no heart attacks than those who drink less or no milk in their diets. I guess it’s for you to decide if there is a link.

The reason for this possible link is that because milk contains high amounts of calcium, it has been known to reduce high cholesterol which is an indicator for heart attacks.

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  2. Good reasons to drink milk. I will start drinking it and water as I am addicted to ice water.

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