The Effects of Smoking Part Two

Part two of the four part series. In this installment we will talk about your heart and blood, and the effects if you are pregnant.

Smoking cigarettes causes fatty deposits to build up in arteries surrounding the heart. This means the heart has to beat harder to get enough oxygen to the bod. This in turn increases blood pressure and also puts the heart under more stress so heart attacks are much more likely. Another cause of heart disease is the chemical carbon monoxide which is breathed into the lungs in smoke. Because the carbon monoxide can combine with haemoglobin much more tightly than oxygen, there is less oxygen being carried around the body so the heart is having to beat much faster to get enough oxygen to the body. This is exaggerated for pregnant women as their foetus will not be able to get enough oxygen for development and will therefore be more likely to be born underweight and underdeveloped.

So think next time you reach for a cigarette…

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