The Essence of Good Health

Here are some useful tips that would indeed make you feel and look younger and healthier. It is worth a try.

Of all the gifts in the world, health and peace are the most highly sought- after. From all walks of life comes the call for it. In an effort to promote good health amongst humans, I shall endeavor to put forth some basic truths which are necessary. But first, we must know what health is.


According to the world book dictionary, it means a sound condition or well being. Some others read, “wholeness.” From this we see that one’s state of health is totally dependent on one’s well being. But it isn’t only the physical state; there are also the spiritual and mental states to consider.

As a thought to ponder on while we continue – do you know that men and women who lived to a great age accomplished such a feat by taking good care of their health at an early age?

Many who read this, might have passed the period of their youth, and might be afflicted with one disease or another. You might even say under your breath: “Is there hope for me? – Must I believe there is? – If only I was back in my youth; I might probably change some bad habits.” But am sure you know as well as I that such thoughts never help matters. Not to worry. There is more hope for the living than there is for the dead. And now, we must deal with something as heart troubling as old dirty habits.


A two syllable word, which sometimes spark a bit of secrecy within us. Are they harmful to us? Do we benefit from them as much as they take from us? Are we better off each time we try them? Could we boldly tell and share them with someone? And do you feel a tinge of guilt while answering these questions? Make no mistakes. Not all habits have negative effects on us. Some of them unleash a stream of potentials from within us. But really, if you nurture a habit as smoking or non-temperance or masturbation, then you ought to pause and hear me out.

You will agree with me that of a few I mentioned, not all are done in the secret. This goes without saying that not all habits (bad ones) are secrets. Some of them readily come with the call of our society – and they do have societal dues to be met, if you know what I mean.

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