The Health Benefits of Drumstick Leaves

The Moringa or Drumstick trees make themselves at home almost anywhere. They are the only genus of the family Moringaceae. The trees branch out profusely and bear pods which are edible.The leaves are highly nutritious.

Drumstick trees grow almost everywhere, but they prefer a tropical climate.

 Livestock, monkeys feed on the leaves which serve to be a tonic for them, unawares. It is known to increase milk production in cattle. WHO have been utilizing the leaves for more than forty years, to treat malnourished children: as a cheaper alternative in the countries that needed them.

The leaves have essential amino acids, vitamins A, B, C and minerals.

They are anti inflammatory, promote metabolism and support normal sugar levels of the body.

It is the secret of athletes to boost themselves and big companies prefer to keep the general public in the dark about its value, the plant being so abundant.

The chemicals in the leaves are an antioxidant; they beautify the skin, aid in digestion and are nourishment for the the eyes and brain.

The leaves increase the natural defences of the body.

At home the tender leaves could be taken in a boiled form, boiled with lentils. They could also be sautéed in oil with a little garlic or spices for taste. Even the blossoms are edible.

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  1. Thanks for the very great information

  2. I must look them up to see if we have them where I live.

  3. it would be good to harvest this to share it with the world. thanks for sharing.

  4. I loved this when I was in India and having it with lentils was my favourite. … :-) I love Drumsticks especially in Sambar…

  5. a very enjoyable and informative article.

  6. I didn’t know that, thank you.

  7. The drumsticks leaves juice can decrease your blood pressure.

  8. Wonderful info. New for me.

  9. Very good posting.I think you researched well on this subject.Keep it up

  10. This plant is good. No wonder big companies try to keep people ignorant of its uses. Wish you had a picture Wonder.

  11. very good.

  12. I love the taste these leaves, especially in sambar. We can add them in the dough for making vada, dosa, etc. The taste would be great. As the other one commented, why don’t you ask for a fix now, and add a picture, for those who don’t know this?

  13. wonderful information about drumstick leaves, first time heard of that, so far only heard of chicken drumsticks and ice cream drumsticks. :)

  14. Drumsticks is also good as a blood purifier and rich in iron. I love its taste.

  15. They taste very good with dhal. I love the flavour.

  16. Good one and thanks for sharing

  17. Didn’t knew they had so many benefits.

  18. new information for me, thank you!

  19. very good!

  20. I have never heard of drumstick leaves, but it is good to know the health benefits of it. Thanks for sharing.

  21. I see trees here that look very much like those pictured. I wonder if they are the same.

  22. Fantastic. Spread the news! Moringa is one of the most healthful ways to get tons of vitamins.

  23. I know this vegetable, very nutritious.

  24. thanks for the information. I don’t recognize the tree, though.

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  31. Thank you, I am very much into herbalism and this is perfect!

  32. Thanks for the picture ;-)

  33. I laughed on myself when I read this, I thought the drumstick leaves are somehow related with drumstick I could find at fast food restaurant! :) Thanks for sharing and broadened my knowledge.

  34. Thanks for sharing.

  35. wonderful share!

  36. Good for all, flowers are also used and given as soup especially to pregnant women

  37. Very interesting facts about drumstick leaves, I didn’t realize they had so much health benefits. Great share!

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