The Health Dangers of Wearing Skinny Jeans

You may love the look of skinny jeans, but are you prepared to deal with the health risks? Discover why wearing skinny jeans too often isn’t healthy.

Skinny jeans are a popular fashion trend – particularly among young women. Inspired by celebrities, models, and rock stars, teens and young women are wiggling their way into ultra-tight, trend setting, skinny pants. Men are catching onto the trend too. Wearing skinny jeans is growing in popularity among males who wear them to show off the buff body they worked so hard to sculpt at the gym. Most will admit that this super tight pants style is far from comfortable, but seem willing to trade a little discomfort in the name of fashion. But, are they willing to risk their health? As it turns out, there could be some painful health consequences that come with wearing skinny jeans.

The Health Consequences of Wearing Skinny Jeans

Wearing skinny jeans has its own unique set of health risks; but despite the fact that stiletto heels, oversized shoulder bags, and thong panties are all bad for health in one way or another, people continue to wear them. In the case of skinny jeans, the health effects come in the form of nerve damage. Wearing jeans that are too tight puts pressure on the lateral cutaneous nerve – the nerve that supplies feeling to the lateral part of the thigh. Compression of the nerve can lead to burning pain, numbness, or tingling in the lateral thigh region – a condition known as meralgia paresthetica.

What is Meralgia Paresthetica?

Meralgia paresthetica is common in people who are obese, pregnant, and those who wear tight clothing like skinny jeans. The pressure of the tight, heavy jean material causes the nerve to become “pinched” underneath the ligament that runs from the groin to the thigh causing reduced sensation. At the same time, tingling and numbness can develop. Of course, pain can be part of the picture too which can make the experience of wearing skinny jeans even for short periods of time quite uncomfortable.

Can meralgia paresthetica be reversed or is the “wearer of skinny jeans in the name of fashion” stuck with a lifetime of pain, numbness, and tingling? Fortunately, removing the skinny jeans and putting on some nice roomy ones may solve the problem, although the pain and tingling can take several months to completely go away. In rare cases, this condition will require surgery – a rather high price to pay for wearing skinny jeans. Keep in mind that squeezing yourself into skinny jeans also increases the risk of yeast infections, dermatitis of the skin, and fertility problems.

The Dangers of Wearing Skinny Jeans: Should You Do It?

Should the threat of meralgia paresthetica keep you from wearing skinny jeans? It’s okay to be stylish, but make sure the material isn’t squeezing the thighs so tightly that they cause pain or discomfort. Limit the number of times you wear tight, skinny jeans. Don’t wear them every day – keep them for a special occasion. The bottom line? Don’t jeopardize your health just to be in style.

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