The Heat From a Laptop Causes a Skin Burn Syndrome

Do you frequently use a laptop to put it in his lap and feel the heat in the thighs and legs? Well, you should avoid the habit. Why?

A study says, often put the laptop on your lap will result in burned skin syndrome, which is colored striped skin condition that looks unusual due to exposure to hot temperatures for a long time.

Burning skin syndrome by the use of gadgets is not familiar to the public. But make no mistake, its impact can not be overlooked. One case occurred in a boy of 12 years. The boy suffered a change in skin color that form a pattern on the left leg after playing a game using the laptop for hours over several months.

He knew the laptop was hot on his left foot. But he ignored it, write the researchers from Switzerland Andreas Arnold and Peter Itin from University Hospital Basel, in a report published the journal Pediatrics.

Another case happened to a student majoring in law from Virginia, United States (U.S.), who were undergoing treatment to cure the color streaks on the legs. Dr Kimberley Salkey handle, said his skin condition was caused because the student spends six hours a day using a laptop on his lap.

This condition can also be caused by excessive use of other gadgets or other heat sources that do not seem too hot. In general, do not destroy, but can cause darkening of skin color in permanently, Salkey said.

In some rare cases, a Swiss researcher Andrew Arnold and Peter Itin said, this is a potential cause skin damage that can cause skin cancer.

So from now on do not  working with your laptop on your lap!

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