The Irenew Scam

A note about iRenew.

I recently watched a pathetic advertisement on tv about iRenew.  They used infomercials because the product is not scientifically proven.  It did not undergo proper clinical review and is not even mentioned in any medical or scientific journal.  They are proposing a new physics and it has to undergo atleast a peer review but they no, they went straight to infomercials.  They are basically trying to scam unsuspecting audience.  It is pseudoscience.  They claim that the bracelet harness natural frequencies that occur in our natural environment to help tune and rebalance our biofield into a more natural state.

They however fail to explain how it works in a technical way.  They simply show testimonials which are either mostly paid actors.

Stay away from this product.  It will only cost you money for nothing.  Purchasing exercise equipments is even better than this.

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  1. Thats good to know. Be on the look-out

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