The Link Between Grief and Poor Health

Stress can cause physical illness.

The link between grief and poor health

The link between grief and poor health is that grief can affect people physically as well as emotionally. This in turn can result in stress and stress can cause physical illnesses and emotional stress to your body. Grief can make one susceptible to disease like infections and the common cold. Many diseases have been connected to grief and they are heart disease and cancer. It has been proved that there is a very strong connection between the mind and body.

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Grief and stress can cause a lot of health problems like changing eating habits from good to bad. It can also cause insomnia and lack of energy too. By eating a well balanced diet, and balancing out rest and exercise, this will prevent many health problems that are caused by grief and stress. It can be really hard to be concerned about your physical health when you are suffering emotionally. Your body and mind can recover in time.

With grief, depression, pain, worthlessness, and hopelessness will follow. Grief is a natural response that our body give to death and loss. Some people are able to cope with problems and other cannot. Crying spells and isolation can lead to limiting your normal daily activities. When grief becomes so bad that you cannot cope, then it is wise to seek professional help so that you may avoid further health problems. High blood pressure can come from prolonged grief. Suffering from high blood pressure can cause you to have a stroke. You can become paralyzed for the rest of your life.

Grief and poor health can really bring you so far down that you will not be able to think clearly. Talking to a friend will help you get through it and prayer will work too. You have other family members and friends that car about you and love you and they will be there to help you get through it, but if you do not tell them your problems, they will never know. Counseling may be helpful too. You can recover from grief and this will prevent you from many health problems. A doctor or health care professional can prescribe the right treatment for you. They are the ones that can help you the most by providing you with a healthy diet plan and exercise plan. It has been proved that grief and poor health are linked and it can damage you physically and emotionally.

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