The Man and The Boy

Health is anytime much more important than wealth.

A rich man and a poor boy are having a conversation about how to enjoy life. What lessons can we draw from the chance encounter? Are we too hurried in our daily lives to notice the things in the world?

A rich man was walking along a dirt way when he chanced upon a little boy. The little boy looked run-down and very dirty, and his pants are in a shambles. He doesn’t even don a shirt. The man asked him, “How are you, little boy?” to which he replied, “Kind sir, not too good, I must say”.

“What’s the matter?” the man asked.

“Can you teach me how to enjoy life?” the little boy besieged.

“That’s very easy. I buy all the things I want, go travel to places I wish to see, eat all the food I feel like eating, and just doing anything I wish. I have all the money in the world and all the time in the world because I am rich.” the man chuckled.

Just then, the boy looked at him in amazement and said “How then can I enjoy life when I am so poor that I don’t have money for food?”

The man thought that was such a profound question. He stopped chuckling and thought about it. Failing to find an answer to his lips, the man just walked away…feeling beaten.

The man went home. The question kept haunting him till he fell sick for a long time. Bed-ridden and unable to travel, he finally realizes that the answer he gave the boy was not the right answer. It was his own answer that made him sick. Through the sickness, he realized that no amount of money he has will ever bring him the enjoyment of life if he has no health. Nothing in the world can bring his joy of use if he is too sickly to handle the things. He too realizes no food, however exquisite it looked or known for its taste will whet his appetite. And finally, no place on earth could be so beautiful that he need to see if he is bed-ridden.

The boy had opened his eyes. The man resolved to get well, and yes, with all the best doctors he could afford, he finally did recover. His first instinct was to look for the boy who had enlightened him to the true meaning of life.

He hastens his steps towards the place where he met the boy but he could not find him. He asked around the nearby village, and after days, he found a hut…his last hope. As he opened the hut, he came face to face with a woman, hugging so tightly to the boy. The boy is nearing death from starvation.

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  1. In reality, poor people have worse health than the rich. The knowledge that makes a person wealthy also makes him healthy.

  2. great share

  3. thanks for sharing…

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