The Most Sought Information on The Internet

What is the most sought information on the internet? Use this information to get more views for your article.

The Most Sought Information on the Internet

The most sought information on the Internet is health information. Because  of this reason, it is not surprising that my articles about health are the most widely read articles of mine.

Looking for information on health was a goal of 80 percent of Internet users in the United States. They also read the comments or testimonies from the readers about a disease or health topic on the internet.

In a survey conducted by the Pew Research Center’s Internet and American Life Project, it is found that 74 percent of the population in the U.S. are already familiar with the Internet. Informations on diseases and health are sought by 80 percent of Internet users.

However, Internet users say they still prioritize the opinion of the doctor or nurse on matters related to health.

Below are three of my articles that get the most views, all articles are published in Healthmad.

1. Five Reasons Why You Must Go to Sleep Early

2. Nine Reasons We Should Drink Coconut Water

3. Warmest and Coldest Part of the Human Body

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  1. Nice collection of information thats why you are writing mostly regarding health thanks for sharing with us too your secret :)

  2. you have a point. One of my high-earning articles is about home remedies for burns. I am planning to write something about working-out. Your article motivates me to pursue it..

  3. good information for writers. however, some writers find it difficult to write the most search topics because they are not expert or authority of the field such as health. this is also my limitation as a writer.

  4. A great share here! Thanks!

  5. I share your observation, Health articles rate high on SEO. I do have several health articles that register high views, though I may add, Cats and Dogs articles is much sought in the internet. That is only my 2-cents observation.

  6. Perhaps you are right, most people may interest on this topic.

  7. It\’s much easier to google for a solution that book an immediate appointment at my doctor\’s. The NHS is ridiculous.

  8. This is true,you can get many views from people searching for health topics.Keyword research on google search engine is the key to more views.

  9. I like reading health articles to change some habits to stay healthier. I often consult doctors only when I’m sick and need medicine for a quick cure.

  10. I’m one of those who search for articles about sleep. Lol. nice share!

  11. True, health-related articles do get a good response

  12. People do look for health information on the internet. It’s good to be able to find this information for ourselves.

  13. Yeah internet is part of our life we need it ever time.

  14. Health also an evergreen topic. It highly get search today, tomorrow, a year after and another 5-10 years. Unlike some topic which only get a high view for a few weeks but then it just gone zero.

    Other well sought topic are recipe. Many people learn to cook from the recipe in the internet. I had seen that everyday my recipe article get view as well as my health article.

  15. Generally, there are 3 niches that rank high on the net.. health, wealth and love. I’m trying the love niche and it’s doing good as well.

  16. I am not surprised to learn that. Health is a major concern.

  17. i’ll also publish more about health too, tnx for sharing this one..!!do comment on some of mine too

  18. one day I must post something about health.. :)

  19. maybe you’re right , health information is important thing, but we should careful to write it coz most of peoples easy to trust the article without cross check the reality. :)

  20. very usefull infoo!

  21. I think you are right. I know that a lot of my views come from my health articles as well as my wrestling ones. I like to look for information about health. I especially like to look for remedies that you can use at home instead of relying on medicine to help with what is wrong.

  22. This is a very interesting topic,I enjoyed reading it.Thanks for the share!

  23. You sure got my attention, when it come to health, I am always seeking information.
    I try to be homeopathic, but sometimes “New Age” medications work quick, to relieve discomfort.
    Awesome article

  24. Interesting.

  25. Guess I better start looking through my medical dictionary for article ideas

  26. Agreed, everyone cares about their health and when there is a problem, the first thing people do is use Google.

  27. Also please read my article on how to raise views on Triond and earn more cash. It also lists some core requirements to be a successful Triond writer.


  28. Great info!

  29. Never thought about health as a topic as I am not a doctor and I thought I could not add value in this area. Nice info anyway. Will try out some health topics from the point of view of a mother!

  30. Too bad I’m not an expert in health topic, I prefer engineering. And writing in topic that I don’t feel familiar with might be a boring and tiring activity, plus could leads into misunderstanding or false information. :)

  31. Health is a perennial topic because we want to live longer.

  32. Great information!

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