The Organ Market

Article opposing the abolishment of laws that ban financial compensation of organ donors.

There’s no doubt that people sell their souls for money every day.  A large enough bribe can drive people to commit atrocious acts such as murder.  What would happen if a poor, starving man was offered cash for his internal organs? Is it conceivable that he would proceed to rip apart his flesh with bare hands at the prospect of earning enough money to buy some food?  This is why humankind must not be tempted with financial compensation for the donation of their organs.  The creation of an organ market would breed a type of chaos that the world has never seen; a world where poor people become physically handicapped to gain money, a world that exploits young students and entrepreneurs and robs them of their future health.  That would be the world in which we place a price on human flesh. 

            It can’t be denied that in order to survive, we must have money for food and other necessities.  The U.S. Census Bureau reports that 13-17 percent of people are living below the federal poverty line and that 40 percent of people will fall below the poverty line within a ten year time span (U.S. Census Bureau).  Allowing financial compensation for organs will cause a massive influx of lower-class citizens who are wiling to sacrifice their health for the sake of their families’ well-being.  These are the people that already suffer from an economic gap in society.  However, what will happen if these people begin being exploited for their organs as well?  Not only will they experience the social gap, but lower-class citizens will become physically handicapped as well, essentially creating a “donor-class” in which the poor experience health issues as well.  Transplant Living, a donor website, warns that “All living kidney donors will experience a decrease in their kidney function, which varies depending on the donor’s age and medical history” (  Lower-class citizens will feel an enormous amount of pressure to sacrifice their own health to earn enough money to survive.  These people will bring themselves closer to death in order to survive, somehow that doesn’t seem natural.  Giving people the option to sell their organs for money or continue living in poverty is an ultimatum that is absolutely unfair to present to humankind. 

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