The Power of Lemon

A lemon a day keeps the beautician, doctor and weight reducing programs all away!

Lemon, a small yellow ball of fruit, is packed with unquestionable power. It has the power of healing and purifying the body not only internally but also externally. Use one a day and keep the beautician, doctor and weight reducing programs all away. This tiny ball will solve all your problems. 

Make a cup of light black tea in the morning after the breakfast. Add half a lemon juice. Sip it slowly. It tastes bitter at first but after frequent use, you will learn to bear it and in some cases also savor it. This is a recipe for a fat burning t

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ea which always works. It will burn extra fat from your body without spending any extra money or consuming harmful drugs. 

Add a dash of lemon to Asian dishes and relish the extra flavor brought out by this citrus extravaganza. This applies to almost all the eastern dishes popular in the western countries like Tandoori Tikka, Nihari, Haleem, etc. Lemon will accentuate each mouthful of the dish.

But what about keeping the beauticians and the doctors away? How about doctors first? Lemon is a citrus fruit and citrus fruits contain Vitamin C. The human body cannot synthesize Vitamin C so it is a vital element of our diet. Scurvy, one of the oldest nutritional deficiency diseases, was most common in sailors and soldiers who were away from home and fresh fruits and had to survive on rations. So if your gums are bleeding, don’t get an appointment from a dentist or use those medicated toothpastes. The remedy is as simple as one lemon’s juice in a glass of water with one teaspoon of honey. Because bleeding gums can be an early manifestation of scurvy which is basically a bleeding disorder. 

Need another way of avoiding those medical bills which spoil your monthly budget and take a toll on your pocket.  It is again the vitamin C in lemon which prevents all the upper respiratory tract infections like common cold, flu, etc. One lemon juice, 2 teaspoons of sugar, a pinch of salt and black pepper will make an excellent glass of lemonade. Besides being loaded with vitamin C, it is also very refreshing on a hot summers day. It will revitalize you and clean and repair your body from the inside. Don’t forget to make a glass for your child if you are sick and tired of her catching cold every month.

Beauty is all about skin and lemon juice has special magic for skin. Rub a lemon half on those troublesome dark places of your body like the elbows and the knee caps and see the results after a few days. These dark corners will see the light of the day. 

Add the juice of one lemon to one-fourth cup milk and apply to your face. Clean it after half an hour and after a few days, you will yourself feel the difference. Your skin will glow. 

You smile but no one smiles back. You laugh and everyone rushes away. Is it because of your yellow teeth and bad breath? The solution is only one squeeze away. Add lemon juice to some table salt and rub it on your teeth each night. It will whiten your teeth and take care of the bad breath problem.

But how to squirrel away this dream fruit so that it doesn’t rot. It is very simple and just two steps away. Squeeze the juice of all the lemons and freeze it in an ice cube tray. Now the usage has also become easier. Instead of cutting and squeezing a lemon and then straining the juice to remove the seeds, you just need to take out the lemon cubes and use them. Of course you have to invest your energy once when you buy the lemons and then freeze the lemon juice but remember it is just a one time effort. 

So acquaint yourself to the power of the lemon and rejuvenate your body both internally and externally. I promise you that your freezer will always contain a lemon juice cube tray. I know because mine does.

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  1. I tried the lemon tea myself and the results were impressive. An important element for it is that you cut back on sugar. You can rice for your carbohydrate needs

  2. An impressive article and a must-read for those (especially ladies) who are weight conscious!

  3. An apple cannot match the strength of a lemon!!

  4. The real secret revealed.

  5. well written & informative.

  6. Amna,

    Why don’t you write some more articles like this? Let’s have some information on the use of garlic and how does it affect our health in a positive way. Our Chinese friends make a lot of use of this item in their food.

    Azfar A Khan,

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