The Right Way to Take a Shower

Most of us, speaking for myself, just jump in the shower, throw some shampoo into your hair and wash your body quickly.

Do you even think about why you’re taking a shower? I don’t know about you but I just think I’m cleaning myself from the day before. Cleaning yourself is just one of the reasons you take a shower. Also by taking a shower you are staying healthy. When you wash your body and your hair you are killing bacteria and getting rid of the odor you might have. So now that I have you thinking about taking a shower, I would like to list some appropriate steps to follow when taking a shower.

  1. You know when you are going to take a shower so gather up all the things you will need, such as shampoo, conditioner, soap or body wash, a washcloth, towel
  2. Once you have gathered everything that is needed you need to turn on the shower. Make sure the water is warm and not hot. If you are exposed to hot water for a certain amount of time it could dry out your skin.
  3. Place a towel on the floor by the shower so that when you step out you have a towel to absorb the moisture from your feet. It’s also good if you are one of those people that just can’t take a shower with out getting the floor wet.
  4. Step into the shower and get yourself as wet as possible. Once you have gotten completely wet you will need to put the shampoo in your hair.
  5. Massage the shampoo in your hair. Shampoo is more for the scalp then your actual hair. Once it is massaged in you need to rinse and do it again but this time leave it set in your hair for a minute.
  6. Now you are aiming for the conditioner. The conditioner is the substance that was made for your hair. Put the conditioner in your hair and leave it set for about three minutes. While you are waiting on the conditioner you can get the washcloth wet and put the soap on it.
  7. After you apply the soapy washcloth to your entire body you should be ready to rinse the conditioner out of your hair. Now you can not only rinse your hair but also your body.
  8. Now that you have washed your body and your hair you will need to repeat steps one through seven one more time for best results
  9. You have completed your shower, now all you need to do is dry off and do your things like brush your teeth, well you know?

I have just listed above; the nine steps that you need to follow to get the best shower that you can possibly get. Also I forgot to mention if you are what I like to call, a shower singer, then you need to stop singing because while you are getting clean and healthy, everyone else is going insane. I thought I might throw that in there because when I sing in the shower my wife bangs on the door and says, “Shut up, you are driving me crazy”?

A shower is an easy thing to do. I also have some tips that might be useful to someone. My first tip is; every time you take a shower make sure there is no electrical equipment in or near your shower. We all know what happens if an electrical device is dropped in water. Also one more piece of advice, most bathrooms come with an exhaust fan or a fan to suck out the moisture. Turn on the fan while taking a shower so the room isn’t as steamy when you get out.

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  2. yes you can die qirl, so nxt time your mad, dnt take a shower. try it out for about a week, for best results.

  3. you idiots stfu that has notting to do with taking a shower


  5. I actually learned a few things I never cared to know, like the fact that shampoo is for your scalp and conditioner is for your hair.. I may actually start using conditioner now! This is a very informative article.

  6. holy jackamolie! cute right

  7. This is not the best way to shower. The only true way to kill bacterias is to wash your body with anti-bacterial soap, otherwise you are just moving it around your body when you wash. Also every time you scrub your your body you remove the protective layer of skin witch exposes new skin and you expose your new skin to new elements witch can be harmful and even cause irritations and skin cancers. Shampoo and soaps remove your natural moisturizers. You should use soft wash cloths or just your hands when washing and always use a moisturizer after you get out and dry. Also try to air dry your body.

  8. My son used anti-bacterial dish soap to shower with and end up in the emergency room with hives and a severe allergic reaction.

  9. Bro like eury time I talke a shower my vag gets all wet is that bad??

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