The Smell of Consciousness I

A brief overview of how brain scanning, brain evolution and models evolved from neuron research can be combined into a singular theory explaining the brain and its work – consciousness.

The brain is basically a neural network, helping a being to survive. The evolution of it is species dependant and basically represents the amount of sensory units a species has.

say – a fish. It has a smell sensor and a visual sensors and it can sense the position of it’s body arrangement. that’s the whole spectrum of it. It can not associate one with another and thus – a fish is limited to to generated responses restricted to visual or smell receptors – selectively. Basically it works in a life frame of “I smell, I towards it, I see, open mouth and swallow”. That is all it can do. The cerebrum of it has nothing more then memories of what smell gave the satisfaction of food.

You might think a human being is very different from a fish, but as you will see, we still have the “chase for food” driving us forward. But the difference is – we evolved the ability to send signals into the sensor of smell and thus – make decision based choices. We still get overweight some times bu giving in to the “food”, directly, and as a consequence of the ability to influence what we want, what we learn to per sieve as “tasty” -  can lead to wars or prosperity.

Take a look at this picture:

it shows a man observing tasty food on the right and unpleasant food – on the left. Do take into account that vision centers – are in the back of the brain. But, since our brain was covered by Cerebrum, it has gained the ability to interpret the information and learn, to remember what lead to the best smelling, eatable results. The decision is made according to the information passing through the front. And the front is – where the smell receptors were (and still are, though very small compared to other animals…). This is why, consciousness can be called a process of “sniffing your senses”.

Now, if you look at the first picture of brain evolution you may notice how the “smell” receptor grew, and as it encountered a great verity of smells it began to enlarge, to cover up the brain. So, as this happens, an animal begins to get the ability to “associate”, to “group properties” of an object. To actually perceive the world – not only to react to a stimulus from it. you can teach a gold fish to swim through a red hoop for food, for it has a smell memory, that can lead it to some thing that has a smell (food) and a visual memory, that can lead it to some thing that looks like food (say a red loop to swim through)… by getting a reward after an executed sequence the fish associates the reward with that sequence. With time the sequence gets more and more refined and less “mistakes” are done. But a fish will never be tamed. Let me tell you why.

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