The Task of Finding Neighbourhood Dentists is a Catalyst for Local Search

People searching for a local dentist in Toronto Canada will find over a dozen free “local search” type websites that are eager to help them.

Sometimes good friends can steer you wrong, and yet think they’re doing you a world of good. If you complain about a toothache, such friends will book you an appointment at their dentist’s office. Don’t go. You should take the time to choose your own dental practitioner, and there are a lot of choices out there, and furthermore there are a lot of websites that would like to help you make that choice.

how to find a good dentist for your family, near your home

Dr. Natalie Archer, Rosedale Family Dental Care Website Blog post called Find Me a Dentist details how people seeking nearby cost effective dental practitioners have created a sweet spot in local search engine market development. Six or seven specialized local search directories delight in finding dentists, in the shadow of Google’s own local search engine which is only getting more and more effective at delivering useful results. Nevertheless the fact remains that even though one company dominates the local search marketplace, a host of challengers have arisen – read along as we detail the many sites which focus entirely on finding dentists as a specialty service.

Facebook and Twitter and other social networking sites want to help you find dentists, but just like your well intentioned friends, they don’t really understand the variables and specialists that may be required and consequently have a low satisfaction rate as a source for dental recommendations. The fastest growing dental location services are making it easy to find specialists and building their own databases by gleaning information from some unusual sources. Directories like Yelp, Gigpark, and even index dentists with reasonably good results. Yelp is particularly good because it lets members create UGM and send strong social signals.

Fuel Ghoul writes that Finding a Dentist on the Web is at the Heart of Local Search and chronicles five dental discovery services engineered to provide better search results than Google for users seeking local dentists.

dentist marketing corporation, Smile Canada for dentists

Smile Canada pledges to serve up human tested data, which is better than Google’s more machine made approach. Smile is offering users a more customizable experience that is made by humans for humans. The motto here is to let Smile Canada find you the perfect dentist who make and maintain that perfect smile. Accredited by major dental associations and subject of many news reports, Smile Canada is really good at providing users with an in-depth understanding of the many different treatments and procedures that are available to dental patients in Canada. They have a very popular section that is specially dedicated to kids’ dentistry, a place where kids can play games and learn healthy dental habits.

users find dentists, map central, search for dentists, local service, Dental find, website, location based search is a map central website that has evolved to prominence because its so darn easy to use on mobile phones. Its a touch screen friendly user interface. This local search web service makes it impossible for users to ignore the map of the city which dominates the screen. Users are encouraged to drag that little pink man around the map and watch all of the nearby dentists appear. The blue pins that pop up correspond to the business card blurbs that appear in the left hand sidebar; each info card details a nearby dentist.

Dental Referral is made specifically for crowdsourcing dentist referrals

Dental Referral like most of these specialty search sites is absolutely free. There’s no forms to fill out or referrals required to find a dentist through this user generated media service. The website has set out to be the number one trusted online dental directory for consumers to search, locate and secure dental practitioners in their area. The website boasts that they provide lots more information than simply giving phone number and address of a local dentist. By accessing the Dental Referral database users will receive comprehensive background information on registered dentists including their education, and their current licenses and number of years in practice, and whatever specialized services they administer at their dental offices.

find me a dentist using Ontario Dental Association website,

Your Oral Health is maintained by the Ontario Dental Association and filled with good information to help folks keep their teeth healthy. The writers here have composed interesting articles on nutrition, cosmetic dentistry, fluoride and water fluoridation, and even how to choose the right toothbrush. The website’s first order of business, the first button in the navigation menu is Find a Dentist; the service is set up to help users find local practitioners using the ODA’s comprehensive database of Ontario dentists.

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