The Truth About Bubblegum

Swallowing bubble gum is harmful- the myth, explained.

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Growing up I was a gum-chewing enthusiast. Like many other bubble gum lovers, I enjoyed the aspects of the very standard chanking (the noise one makes while chewing excessively), bubble blowing (forcing air through gum to make a bubble effect), and I even perfected my own versions of head size bubbles (very large bubbles) and double/ triple bubbles (multiple bubbles blow inside each other without popping). During my so-called “ professional gumming” years, I practiced the taboo of swallowing my gum.

          At that time, the things I was most commonly told were “ every time you swallow your gum it stays inside you forever” and, “ gum if swallowed will stick to the side of your stomach.”(There are many versions of this, all different, but with the same concept: swallowing bubblegum is harmful.)

          Now in my situation, I heard these things from my mother. My mother would never knowingly misdirect me, but she did. Many people globally pass along misinformation because to them, it seems like it could be the truth and explanation for something they don’t know the real answer to. Myths, or urban legends pass quickly from towns and cities on a mass scale. These myths pass on through generation and are considered fact to those who are taught them. My mother was a victim of urban legend, and passed it to me. When I set out to find out whether this was fact or fiction I was pleasantly surprised.

          The real truth, no matter how many pieces of bubblegum you swallow, it will never be “trapped forever” inside your stomach. (I really must caution that swallowing mass amounts of bubblegum can give you a sever case of stomach cramps. like too much of candy, overdoing it is not widely recommended)

          Still doubtful? Let me explain two things, the ingredients of bubblegum, and the process of your digestive system.

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  1. hey I never knew this! I have swallowed my gum on occasion because I couldn’t find anywhere else to stick it, now I won’t worry about serious health hazards.

  2. right…. To all those people who think it’s bad, they should read this!

  3. I guess alot of people believe that because i sure did nice work.

  4. I love bubble gum :) I am just like you a bubble blowing enthusiast! *pop pop pop * I love to blow bubbles!!!!!

  5. Finally the truth!!!!

  6. this is kinda silly, but when you think about it a lot of kids do hear things like this growing up. I remember my mom used to say that if i kept crossing my eyes they would stick that way!!! yah, they sure didn’t either!

  7. :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) I figured I’d be nice and comment on this :) :) :) :) :) :) so there it is I commented! I also like bubblegum

  8. wow I can blow big bubbles too. No gum in my tum tum Dee…

  9. Good to know!

  10. my son is 3 y/old he usually eat a bubble gum just like oter candies he never chew.He never spit the gum,he always swallow it.I am really worried about him and to his stomach that it might stay there for long…Please advise….Thanks

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