The Truth About Drinking Red Bull

This drink is sold in every supermarket in our country. Listing is free and can be fatal.

This he said a friend, if not exactly true, only a information.
This drink is sold in every supermarket in our country. It’s counter, this fashion any of us can eat and taste if only out of curiosity. … and can be fatal

Red Bull was created to stimulate the brain in people under great physical effort and never to be
consumed as a refreshing beverage or guilty.

Red Bull is marketed worldwide with its slogan: increase physical stamina, speeds up the ability to concentrate and
the reaction rate, provides more energy and improves mood. (All this can be found in a can:
RED BULL energy drink of the millennium (according to its greedy owners).

Red Bull has managed to achieve nearly 100 countries around the world.
The Red Bull brand is key to young consumers and athletes, two attractive segments that have been captivated by the stimulus that produces the drink.


This drink was created by Dietrich Mateschitz, an Austrian born businessman, who discovered it on a business trip to Hong Kong, while working for a manufacturer of toothbrushes ..

The liquid-based on a formula that contains caffeine and taurine, was all the rage in this country, then he thought of the enormous success that this drink would be in Europe, where there was still this product also see an opportunity to become an entrepreneur.


In France and Denmark have just banned for being a cocktail of death, due to the components of vitamins mixed with

Glucuronolactone is a highly dangerous chemical, developed by the Department of Defense United States in the year 60 to boost the morale of the troops stationed in Vietnam, which acted as a hallucinogenic drug that eased the stress of war.
But its effects on the body were so devastating, and was discontinued at the high rate of cases of migraines, brain tumors and diseases of the liver that showed the soldiers who ate …

And despite this, on the can
RED BULL components reads: GLUCURONOLACTONE, cataloged
medically as a stimulant.
But what is missing in the can of Red Bull, are the consequences of their consumption, which require placing a series of warnings:
1. It is dangerous to take and then not do physical exercise, as its energizing function accelerates the heart rate and you can cause a heart attack.

2. You run the risk of a cerebral hemorrhage, because the Red Bull contains
components that dilute the blood to the heart to pump it costs less, and thus able to make a physical effort with less exhaustion.

3. It is forbidden to mix Red Bull with alcohol, because drinking the mixture turns into a deadly bomb that directly attacks the liver, causing the affected area to regenerate anymore.

4. One of the main components of Red Bull is vitamin B 12, used in medicine for recovering patients who are in comaetílico (coma caused by alcohol consumption).
That is why taking it occurs and a state of high excitability, as if you were drunk without having
been drinking.

5. Regular consumption of Red Bull triggers the emergence of a number of diseases
irreversible nerve and neuronal (no recovery)

It is a beverage that should be banned worldwide. Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and other Caribbean countries are alerting other nations, since the mixture of beer with alcohol creates a time bomb for the human body, mainly among adolescents and adults ignorant of their inexperience.

This drink is sold in supermarkets and retail outlets and any of us
our friends or our children may consume to test … attracted by the advertising can be fatal.

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  1. GLUCURONOLACTONE is not a dangerous chemical developed by the government you hack. its a natural occurring chemical produced by the human liver in metabolism. AND, introducing your body to higher levels of it than its used to is NOT a health risk. know your facts before you post ludicrous stories

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