The Use of Homeopathic Arnica in Sports Injuries

Why you should consider having Arnica in your first aid kit.

Homeopathic treatment is used among athletes all over the world. Especially the homeopathic remedy Arnica Montana is much appreciated and acknowledged as a remedy working to prevent and treat sports related injuries.

Arnica can be used as a preventive aid by postponing tiredness in the body, helping the athlete to accomplish the goals in a more efficient way and with less pain. 

In addition to using Arnica as a preventive remedy, it is widely used as a first aid remedy for the following conditions: bruises, contusions, any injury caused by a blow, concussions, shock, acute exertions, hemorrhage and post traumatic hematoma.

A study carried out in Oslo, Norway in 2003 found that Arnica reduced muscle soreness after marathon running. Further research has revealed the effect of homeopathic remedies in reducing pain, inflammation and the formation of hematomas (Cahiers Biotherapie 1988; 98.77). 

Colin Jackson, world champion in hurdles 1992-1994 reveals: ”I’d use anything that would get me back on track as quickly as possible.. homeopathy worked remarkably well; Arnica tablets were really effective.”

For further information on how to take Arnica Montana, contact your local Homeopath or Homeopathic pharmacy. For serious injuries always contact the emergency unit at your local hospital.

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