The Wonderful Female Condom

What I think of the female condom…

The female condom has been out and FDA approved, however, they haven’t been that popular. I’m not sure I know why. I bought a box of female condoms for the cheap price of $21.95 plus tax. Not a bad price for three condoms. They also make a lovely sound too, much like that of a potato chip bag. And they are very easy to use. It only takes 15 minutes or so to get it in place. Sarcasm! 

While the female condom does indeed give a woman more control in the bedroom, they often kill the mood. I wouldn’t suggest buying a female condom. The traditional male condom is much better. It is more reliable, easy to use, and cheaper. If you are a woman who would like more control in the bedroom seek a birth control pill or shot or even keep your own male condoms on hand.  

If you do decide to try the female condom it is best to open one up and practice before attempting to use it during intercourse. I practiced several times before attempting to use it and even still I wasn’t a pro and it took me a long time to get it in place. I never used it during actual intercourse.

My personal experience with the female condom was horrible. I have also read a lot of articles and reviews that claimed the same things that I am. I wouldn’t suggest it to any consumer.



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