Things That We Stumbleupon: Sleep

Sleep is important in everyone’s life.

StumbleUpon bring the internet to you one random webpage at a time. Sometimes it can get so addictive you may end up not getting enough sleep in life. So of those Stumbling reminders of the importance of sleep and good health, here are some that we came across.

1. Sleeping Sounds

I personally cannot sleep with sound in my ears all the time. Music and other stuff that make noise provides me with a distraction from getting rest. However, if your having trouble sleeping in the night it may be possible for some sound to help put you to sleep as reccomended by this site.

2. Ways to Wake Up Fresh

Those of us who do manage to sleep at night without being distracted by or dreaming about StumbleUpon still like to wake up renergised in the morning. Solving relationship issues, and eating little before bed are some of the few tips that this site suggests for waking up freash in the morning.

3. Ernest Hemingway, on Sleep

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When we want to look for another answer or an absolute truth we look to none other than the words of another person. Here Mr. Hemingway tells us the importance of sleep and good health by telling us that sleep puts the peices of life back together.

4. Sleeping In Airports

Moving on from sleep and your health to sleep and the health of your finances in challenging economic times. At this site there are many reccomendations for sleeping on airport floors around the world. So save some of your money and have less stress while you sleep on and airport floor while you wait to go home.

5. Sleep and Emotion

Emotionally healthy people regulary get lots of sleep each day. When we dream not only are we processing the daily events of our lives but we are resting out phisical emotions for a while. If emotionas are a physical experience it makes sense to give them a rest with the rest of your body.

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