Things to Consider When Selecting a Medical Transcription Service Provider

Choosing a medical transcription service provider is a big decision. This article will guide you in selecting a reliable medical transcription service provider that ideally suits your needs.

Selecting the right medical transcription service provider for your healthcare practice is important as it will have a significant impact on the running of your healthcare facility. This article will explain to you what to look for when selecting a medical transcription service provider.

Many aspects of a medical transcription company have to be taken into consideration before outsourcing to that firm. You can reduce miscommunication, and improve the transcription process. Listed here are a few points which would be helpful to you in selecting the right medical transcription outsourcing firm.

Points to Consider

  • Quality: One of the most common mistakes you can make while choosing a medical transcription service provider is to give too much importance to cost factors rather than quality.  Look for quality and pay attention to the processes the transcription vendor follows to achieve quality.
  • Accuracy: Accurate transcription results are essential in the medical field. A single error could make a huge difference in the well-being of a patient. So, ensure that the accuracy of medical transcripts is maintained to the highest level possible. Existence of quality checks and quality guidelines will establish the reliability of the medical transcription companies.
  • Years of experience: Enquire how long the service provider has been in the business of medical transcription. Can they provide client testimonials on request? Asking this question will clarify the history of the company in the field of medical transcription and the experience it has in providing quality medical transcription services to others.
  • HIPAA compliance: Make sure that the selected medical transcription service provider follows HIPAA norms and regulations, thus offering guaranteed confidentiality and security of your patients’ health related information.
  • Turnaround time: Check what the guaranteed turnaround time is.  Some of the transcription firms offer shorter turnaround times, at an extra cost.   A shorter turnaround time is not necessarily a better thing. It is more important to get documents of a high quality than getting the documents within shorter turnaround time. Pick a turnaround time that works for you instead of the shortest turnaround time at the lowest price.
  • Billing methodology: is one of the most complex aspects of medical transcription since there is a wide range of billing methodologies used by transcription firms today. Some charge by the line (line is defined as a fixed number of characters) while some consider per character. Line-based billing methodology is widely accepted and recommended by AAMT.

Once you have prepared the list of potential medical transcription service providers that meet your requirements for accuracy, security, turnaround time and outsourcing practices, it is time to compare them in more detail. Most of the service providers offer free trial option – take advantage of this and find out how much time it takes to respond and check whether the medical transcription solution provided meets your customer service standards.

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MTS Transcription Services is a medical transcription service provider in Tulsa, OK, providing accurate HIPAA compliant medical transcription services.

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