Things Will Only GET Better.

Only if we commit to it.

When you have the will learn to forgive and forget..

You have to collect the broken pieces and humble hearted stand up from the place you hide.

If you wouldn’t know to miss anything…it couldn’t hurt you no more.

Mistakes are taught to build life from the ashes that fell down to the ground.


Without any pain it wouldn’t be the same.Experiences make us strong…

Not every pain hurts deep inside,when you learn to divide.

Follow your heart to the light,live your dream and breath.

When you listen to yourself,don’t always expect to find understandin’ it takes time!

You may lose your faith,but don’t be afraid to find the solution.

That HEAVY wasn’t your LOAD,that you wouldn’t also try to carry yours ’cause may be your burning heart-unbearable,your optimistic mind-collapsed…

Tomorrow is waiting for your smile.Things will only get BETTER!

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  1. like it! :)

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