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The Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta, pre-occupied for the poor of the world, who cannot pay doctors, not to buy medicines because they are expensive, traveled to Tibet, the mountains of Himalaya where there is a famous monastery of the Buddhist monks. These monks possess outstanding knowledge of nature.


In communications with these wise and experienced men, they gave her TIBICOS, a mushroom of wide curative and preventive qualities. They told her the only condition in distributing it is not to be sold (as a commercial product but it must be given away for free). The monks explained the manner of preparing and its dosage.


  • The mushrooms are fed with pure water and molasses. They reproduced and must be placed in containers made of glass. It is good to prepare them in the morning.
  • Fill the glass container (containing the TIBICOS) with 8 glasses of water and add 4 tablespoon of molasses (sang kaka) then LEAVE IT FOR 24 HOURS.
  • Strain the water after 24 hours, using a PLASTIC STRAINER and not one made of metal. The water is then ready for drink. It is goo to drink it before breakfast. But it can be taken many times during the day. It is not only curative but is also a refreshing drink.
  • Care must be taken in straining the TIBICOS. They have to be rinsed well with pure water after straining.
  • After rinsing them, put them again in its container. Add pure water and 4 tablespoons of molasses (sang kaka).
  • Cover the container with clean thin cloth to allow oxygen for the continuous growth of the TIBICOS. They grow rapidly so they need to be placed in biggest container (or may be distributed in several containers, adding more water and molasses).





* HEAD:                       It cures migraine and pains on the head.


* ARTERIES:    It combats rheumatism, arthritis and muscular pains.


* RESPIRATORY SYSTEM:      It strengthens bronchial tubes and the lungs. It cures asthma, reduces phlegm and removes cough.


* DIGESTIVE SYSTEM:            It improves the function of the liver, pancreas, bile ducts. It cures diarrhea, it helps in the process of digestion and helps to avoid gastritis and ulcers.


* CIRCULATORY AND ARTERIAL PRESSURE:                      Controls cholesterol, softens hardened arteries and veins, lower sugar levels, controls arterial blood pressure; corrects hemorrhoids.


* RENAL SYSTEM:                  Prevents in the formation of gall stones and if they are present it dissolved it little by little. It cures different illness of the bladder, helps one to urinate regularly and well.


* NERVOUS SYSTEM:             It cures insomnia and dizziness. Removes pains produced by the nerves.


* OBESITY:                  Burns fat. It keeps those who are thin in good health. For these, it is recommended that one should take 3 glasses of TIBICOS before breakfast.


*AGING:           It avoids pains associated with aging. It reduces the effect of hormonal changes.


*OTHERS:        Cures herpes, cataracts in the eyes, prevents some types of cancer in the skin.


* ALCOHOL:    If taken frequently, it lessens the desire to get drunk, versus to take wine.   





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  1. This is interesting, you should try this too.

  2. i never liked using dead famous people for ads or commercials. I makes the product pitching too unreal… & i have gone to the Missionaries of Charity convents many times and there is no such mushroom infused drink… plus i have personaly met tibetan monks and they have not mentioned this supposed wonder food which they should as i know they brought herbal medicine with them in Philippines…

  3. Where can I get the Tibicos mushrooms?Can somebody who has it share it with me? What good is telling us it’s medicinal values if we have way of obtaining it, commercial or otherwise.

  4. My father has a colon cancer her friend gave him a 5 teaspoon amount of tibicos: mushroom then he gave it sugar as food for the tibicos, after the process he always drunk their extract in the morning,,, the miracle is in every he continue the process in every day my was not disturbing of his illness.The fact is tibicos can help just for the people who believing for the curable of this weeds.

  5. I’m barely going to start drinking the tibico water it was given to me by my cousin. i going to take them w/lot of faith.My uncles mom took this treatment and it cure her need to have faith.

  6. Everything done in faith is miracle.
    One thing I have come to realize and am rminded,during
    Adam an Eve’s time everything in the garden was good,
    so my conviction is,by faith as in the word of God we are
    healed by faith.My true opinion

  7. AMEN

  8. totoo kaya ito?

  9. sana totoo.. may tibicos kmi and everyday ako umiinom. mas gumaan pakiramdam ko pero parang nkaka lasing din sya pgka mdami knang nain0m pero sulit nman, may pagka red wine ang dating..

  10. well, of course you should have faith and help yourself, like changing your lifestyle and read God’s word..true miracle could happen to your life…

  11. My husband was given these mushrooms 06/09/2011 and I have started them as well, we find that we have more energy and it has curbed our appetite. My husband has liver disease and I blood pressure and kidney disease. We have both lost some weight and feel more energized. Its easy and inexpensive to prepare and it is a little sweet sour to the palate almost reminds me of apple cider. They definitely multiply.

  12. @jayjay gatmaitan: my friend, you should beleive it, im also from the philippines, from cavite. My in-law introduced me to tibicos mushroom and it is true. the good thing is it is not for sale and is given FREE to BELEIVERS

  13. I have some of this tibicos. I live in L.A if you\’ll like some Zeny email me at byron4578@gmail

  14. Hi Naps I’m from bacoor cavite can you pls share to me your tibicos mushroom

  15. Hi Naps I’m also from Panapaan, Bacoor, Cavite pls share me your tibicos mushroom.It will be a great help and gratitude on my part thanks.

  16. I have tibicos mushroom im from niog bacoor cavite just text me if you want 09196120272

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