Tight Underwear Damage The Sperm? 11 Myths About Sperm – and The Truth

It is said it is good for facial skin, claimed that fruits improve its taste and warned that tight underwear would damage it. There are a lot of myths about the Sperm, in this article we will tell you the truth.

From testicles pains to cellular effects on fertility – the male seminal fluid was always fertile ground for the creation of myths and beliefs. We are here to make some order about the sperm. Not an easy matter, when it comes to ‭ 70-150 million sperms every day in each man testicles.

Each of these millions needs about 73 days to mature. However, when it matures its movement speed during ejaculation is impressive: 45-18 Kph (km/h).

So what is myth and what is truth? Here is all you need to know about this vital fluid.

1. Wearing tight underwear affects sperm count and fertility

Reality: Maybe. There is no conclusive scientific evidence in this regard. Work published in the “Andrology” Science journal in 2007 – showed that actions such as sitting, wearing tight underwear and taking a sauna indeed raise the temperature of the scrotum. However, there is no evidence that those things harm the quality of the sperm.

This joins an older research, published in 1998 on the Journal of Urology, which tested two groups of men – one wearing tight underpants and the other one was wearing boxers.

Even then, no significant statistical difference was found in semen parameters and the temperature of the scrotum between the two groups.

In principle, an approximation of the testes to the body causes their heating and may damage sperm. A man whom normal sperm production – has no prevented from wearing tight underwear, but it will be wish to vary sometimes with boxer shorts. In contrast, men who have fertility problems – should take a wide pants.

2. Smoking can damage your sperm

Reality: True. In ‭ 2008 – European researchers have found that smoking has a negative effect on sperm production, and it causes destruction of nucleic acid in semen and excessive oxidation. Semen of smokers male have a reduced fertilization ability, and their embryos have a lower chance of rooting.

In addition, fetal exposure to maternal smoking will damage his sperm production in the future as a grown man.

3. There are foods that may harm sperm quality

Reality: False. To date, no research was found that will establish this claim. For example: the myth that the root of ginseng strengthens the potency had not been substantiated scientifically, at least not in Western medicine.

4. Rinsing the vaginal area after sex, or having sex in water, pool or sea – preventing pregnancy

Reality: False. Even if the vagina was washed away after intercourse, nimble sperm might already penetrated the cervix.

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