Tips on How to Make False Teeth

This article includes tips to make false teeth for theater productions, costumes or for a temporary fix.

Want to learn how to make false teeth? False teeth is useful for a theatrical productions, Halloween costume or as a temporary filler for a person who has lost a tooth.

To make false teeth you will need

  • Alginate
  • a dental tray
  • scissors
  • paper towel
  • dental floss
  • a toothbrush 
  • tooth paste


  1. Follow the directions on the package of Alginate mix.  In most cases, a tablespoon of the mixture will be needed.
  2. Pour the Alginate mixture into your dental tray and place it inside your mouth.
  3. Gently bite down on the dental tray and hold the position for three minutes. This will form a mold that can be used later to make false teeth.
  4. Take the tray out of your mouth by pulling it slowly away from your teeth. Keep it straight to avoid ripping in the mold as it is pulled.
  5. This material does not bond but there may be some residue. Remove it by using dental floss, a toothbrush and toothpaste.
  6. Take another small amount of Alginate mix to create a putty. Fill the mold with the new batch of Alginate mix and let it harden. 
  7. Cut the teeth using a scissors and extract the teeth that will be used.
  8. Paint the teeth using to give them a natural appearance.  There are paints that can be purchased at an art supply or party store.


Use over the counter dental adhesives to glue the fake teeth into place.


There are other mixes that will create fake teeth but these can damage your real teeth’s enamel.

It is easy and more cost effective to make fake teeth using inexpensive materials. Artificial teeth can be used to create a dramatic look or to fill a temporary filling that has been lost. Expensive false teeth are simply not needed.

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