Tips! to be More Effective Use Condoms

What’s so special a condom? Live sheath, use, already deh! Maybe that’s what occurred to many people. Though its function is very important to remember, there are some things that need your attention. These include how to choose a condom, how to save, to test his strength and when the condom should be used.

All this is necessary, so that you get the promised benefits of condom use, namely to prevent contracting HIV / AIDS and venereal diseases, as well as to prevent pregnancy. Here’s what you need to know.

Choose the right condom

A. Always use condoms or silicone-based lubricant water.

2. Look for condoms that fit the size of Mr. P because you are still at risk for pregnancy or sexual disease if the size condoms are too small or too large.

3. Do not forget to check the expiry dates condoms, do not hesitate to buy if the condom has been canceled by the expiration of the limit.

How to store a condom

Keep condoms in a dry and cool, but do it in the refrigerator where the temperature is too cold.

Rules use a condom

A. Use a new condom every time you will have sex.

2. Even if you do anal and oral sex, condom use remains to ensure you are not contracting sexually transmitted diseases.

3. Before you unroll the condom, squeeze well use your thumb and index finger. Its function is to ensure sufficient space to accommodate the sperm and prevent any air trapped inside the condom.

4. Finally, put a condom on your penis before any sexual contact with a partner.

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