Toenail Fungus – Relief is Out There for Thick & Ugly, Yellow or Black Toenails

How my friend finally got rid of the fungus on his thick, ugly painful toenails. Now he is pain free and has normal looking nails.

People with toenail fungus issues know what I’m talking about.  Those extra thick, dark, ugly and PAINFUL toenails caused by fungus in the nail.  The fungus itself doesn’t cause any pain that I know of, but since the nails are so very thick pressure from shoes and even sitting cross legged really hurts your toes!

There is actually relief out there nowadays and no one needs to suffer.  Many people with this type of problem have had it for many years or even decades and didn’t realize there was something they could do about it!

After trying numerous remedies my friend found a simple and easy remedy, see below and I’ll point you to it.  Just remember that even thought this product (or any other product you choose to use) is working, the existing nail will still be thick, ugly and discolored until it grows out.  What this means is you might give up after a week thinking nothing is happening… DON’T DO THIS!  Keep applying any product you buy for the recommended time period as it may take up to 3 months to fully kill off the fungus.  After 3-4 month of a fungus free toenail you should see new growth coming in normally… probably for the first time in a LONG time!

Remember, the real problem with nail fungus is that it is NOT on the top of the toenail – it is IN the nail. Simple topical creams and lotions can’t get through the protective properties of the nail and the thick, yellow or black symptoms of nail fungus that you hate are still there.

My friend finally decided on using the product from and it worked like a charm.  I’m sure other products are just as effective.  The main thing is that if you do have the fungus issue on your toes you get it taken care of before it spreads or causes any other health issues.

Best of luck to all, I hope this helps someone find some relief from a problem they’ve had for years.

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  1. Thanks for the tips… great advice for everyone to follow. i FINALLY after years of hard thick ugly yellow nails got rid of the toenail fungus by using flexinail from

    It took about three months but i have nice nails again and can wear sandals! SANDALS!!!!!

    My point is that there is help out there that actually does work so dont give up hope ladies!

  2. Great info shared here, thanks.

  3. glad to share. hope it helps someone get rid of their fungus issues!

  4. You can also get some info at


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