Too Much Makeup Can Cause Vision Problems

Bad habit of getting too much makeup so may result in mild symptoms such as irritation or redness of the eye, and some more serious, such as conjunctivitis or blepharitis (eyelid inflammation), which may even become chronic problems.

Besides, pitchers can occur continuously or tearing of the eye, as signals in 20 minutes, specialist Anabel Rios.

Experts say to get the shimmer effect of makeup is used a pearlescent pigment which is used in the stationery and decorations. Some manufacturers may use the excess pigment to reduce manufacturing costs, and this easily leads to irritation, warns Rios.

You need to pay attention and eyeliner and mascara, if they are of poor quality can cause infection strong.

Makeup is harder depending on the sensitivity of everyone, but to be sure that while you will not develop an allergy, you can choose some hypoallergenic products that will be sensitive skin.

Take care and make-up period of use: it is better not to know him more than six months after you open, so that every cosmetic product also has an expiration date, even if most times it is not written so as to be easily decipherable.

Anabel Rios and warns the custom quite common among women and lend to each other’s makeup. This gesture is very unhealthy for the brushes and eye pencils are easy means of transmission of infection. So keep your makeup just for you.

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