Toothache Relief

Have a bad toothache and need relief? Here are some easy ideas to help relieve the pain.

Toothaches always seem to appear on the days you can’t get into the dentist. What are you to do, just wait with your mouth in pain? Nope, not these days. There are many remedies that can be used to provide temporary relief to an achy tooth. Here are a few, to help you out.

  1. Wrapping ice in a towel and place on the outside of the mouth. The cold from the ice will help ease the pain of a toothache, by numbing the nerves around it.
  2. Clove is great for reducing pain and can also help reduce infection. You can use clove oil, directly on the bad tooth, or saturate a cotton ball and place it on the tooth. Another option is to chew on a few cloves, keep them near the affected tooth.
  3. Cut off a small piece of an onion and place in on the bad tooth. This often helps to relieve pain.
  4. If you have a clove of garlic and rock salt, you can place the two on the tooth in pain and it will relieve the pain. It may even help to cure the infection.
  5. While aspirin may work wonders, Advil, or Ibuprofen have more anti-inflammatory power and work better for a toothache. Just be sure to not to put them right on the tooth, it can cause a painful acid burn and the taste is bad.
  6. Salt and warm water also work great. Get a glass of warm water and mix two or three teaspoons of salt, and swish around your mouth, then spit it out. Do this a few times a day.
  7. If you are a smoker, try to stop or at least cut back. Nicotine in tobacco stops the endorphins that try and help the tooth, causing the tooth to get worse.
  8. Take care how you sleep. Try to sleep on your back or the side that the toothache is not on. When you sleep on your stomach, you head is pushed to one side, causing lots of pressure on the jaw, which can cause more pain for your tooth.
  9. What Grass can also be used to cure toothaches. Wheat grass juice can be used as a mouthwash for bad teeth, it can also be chewed with great results as well.
  10. Echinacea is a cold and flu remedy that has a long history of relieving a toothache. Echinacea root straight form the ground, is the best choice.
  11. Mix a few drops of tea tree oil in water to make a potent antibacterial. Swish the mixture around your mouth to give quick relief to tooth and gums.
  12. This is for adults only. A shot of whiskey, or even a drop of whiskey on an infected tooth, can provide some relief.
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  1. Jessica, you have some good tips here. Thank you.

  2. the whiskey helped after the 9th shot

  3. i really liked the whiskey idea

  4. do you have any tips for a hangover

  5. The onion, as wierd as it sounds actualy helped

  6. Ohhhh my good god, i’m in so much pain !!!!!!

    i am terrified ta go to the denist so i am stuck with this tooth ache, i could cry…
    iys 4.35 and i have been up since 9 this morring and cant sleep everytime i drift off my tooth starts playing up :(

    what can i do i stop this hell i am currently living ???

    plz help xxx

  7. Omg,,,I need some relief….My tooth is hurting and my b-day is in 2days…what can i do…..i am scared to death of a dentist…..can’t help it :( they really frighten me..please help….

  8. Why are you scared of the dentist? Nothing he does will hurt as bad as you do now. The only thing that scares me is the bill.

  9. The wheat grass is kinda weird but worked…the wihskey actually worked…plus the onion thing that was kinda weird!!!! You have some great tips here thank you for all your help!!!

  10. Garlic Paste, just tried it and the pain was gone within just a minute or two

  11. My tooth was killing me…The onion thing really worked on me…The pain was gone like in one or two min…It was great..thaks for all the help…

  12. Whiskey really works if you just hold it in your mouth against the tooth thats bugging you… jack daniels

  13. clove oil, brush your teeth then use mouthwash – preferably listerine (its goood ) cold water sometimes helps, codeine and ibuprofen mixed together, paracetomal – sometimes works depedning on how bad the pain is !

  14. whisky(alchohol) is bad, if it is prohibited in islam, then it cannot be good.(even to use as a medicine)

    try this

    3-4 type of toothpastes, then clove oil, and after that ibuprofen…if the pain still persists take the toothpaste and apply it around the tooth and keep it and dont wash it

  15. I’ve got a really bad toothache that is keeping me up. I knew some of these ways, and have been using them to try to fight off the pain. For those of you in my situation, another good one to add to the list is this: Eat something, preferably something crunchy. I know that sounds strange, but it has always worked for me, especially when I’m in a lot of pain. I think our bodies are programmed to not feel cuts from food and eating in general, and the nerves in the teeth react the same way.

  16. Haven’t slept in days – hate dentists – would rather die in pain!

  17. my tooth is hurting bad. nothing i’ve done helped me! someone out there can help? tooth hurts……..

  18. my tooth doesnt let me sleep talk run or listen without moving my mouth It Hurts……. HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLP

  19. tooth aches hurt more than giving birth and you don’t get a baby after it…just a dead stinky tooth. Life isn’t fair sometimes.

    Also I have been switching between tylenol and motrin every three hours, and three hours is when the pain starts getting unbearable. It wakes me up….but the pills do help enough to relax.

  20. The ice pack works well. Swishing with alcohol such as vodka (over 21 years old only) works well; Listerine also does the trick. Best solution is to go to the Dentist, which is where I will go tomorrow (most will provide a sedative for folks that need it).

  21. Warm salt water mixture works well (swish with a mixture of warm water and table salt).

  22. cocain works

  23. I love my dentists! going to them every 6 months has kept me pain free for 50 years!

  24. My Son Is using a steeped Chamomile tea bag on the area for a wisdom tooth that is hurting. His appt. to have them removed is 2 weeks away hope he can hold out.

  25. i have tried many things, but man when it really starts hurting nohting helps…Vodka on the other hand did ease the pain, take a shot and rinse your mouth with it , and i suppose if it dosent help then just drink it XD after a few u wont care about your tooth anymore

  26. i agree… the coca extract in cocaine works.
    same effect as novocaine

  27. whiskey did the trick.
    ill be sticking to the whiskey until my dentist appointment

  28. Surprisingly enough, the Listerine worked best for me……for all of 20 minutes. The pain is so bad I cant even pinpoint exactly which tooth it is. I’m ready to grab my .38 and shoot it out if something doesn’t happen fast. Pray for me folks….

  29. I agree with OUCH!, I can’t even pinpoint which tooth it is. The dentist’s secretary said this is normal because all of the nerves! Wow, I am in a lot of pain waiting to see him! I’ve been taking a mixture of 1/2 Vicodin (left over from an earache), X strengh Tylenol, aspirin, and icepacks! I feel like a zombie but it’s better than being in so much pain! Sleeping with my head propped up seems to help too. Good luck to all!

  30. Try this, it really works!! Chew up a radish, yes a radish, but don’t swallow it. Instead, put it on your sore tooth with your tongue and hold it there. Or place it between your sore tooth and your cheek (like a tobacco chewer does). I could not believe how much this worked, instantly. I know it sounds crazy, but just try it! You will also be amazed, please believe me!!!

  31. I have tried many of the afore mentioned remidies. The mouthwash works (temporiarly) whiskey works, motrin, tylenol, icepacks they all work too…
    I also put some cotton in my ear (the one on the same side as the sore tooth) and it helps block the air and somehow it feels better.

    I am working on trying the onion suggestion. I have a broken molar! right in half vertically. And boy is this some intense pain. Seems to hurt more at night for some reason.

  32. for the person who said cocaine works,…..that is stupid, because i used to be addicted to cocaine, and COCAINE is the reason my teeth hurt! So Yeah,it works, not to relieve a toothache, it works to provide a toothache!!!

    For those who hate the dentist, trust me, if your pain is that bad, the dentist will be your best friend when you leave!!

    The onion works, the whiskey didn’t work for me, unfortunately all that happend was i got drunk and forgot that…….oh wait, guess it did work! lol

    Main Point, Drugs DON”T WORK, and GO TO THE DENTIST!!!

  33. I am 14 and my tooth and ear are both hurting at exactly the same time. What worked for me was to first have 2 panadol tablets(like nurofen in australia) then peel an onion and use one layer of the onion throughout the day by peeling little strips of the onion and placingit on the aching tooth and chewing it slowly untill is is all gone. when the strip of onion has been chewed peel another strip and continue this throughout the day untill the pain eventually stops. Then while you are doing this have an ice pack placed on the lower cheek of where the tooth is. And also have a peice of cotton in your ear to stop the air from entering it really helped. After doing this process for half a day my pain in my tooth and ear was gone. AMAZING.

  34. its 6.20 am and im about to try the onion so i can finally get some sleep!!! i feel like iam going to die!!!! this is the most crewlest pain ever!!!

  35. I’ve tried xtra strength tylenol, tylenol pm, alcohol, and just about everything else.. I pray that God gives me strength and please take away the pain…

  36. banana milk shake will cure your hangover…… it works wonderfully

  37. for the last 5 weeks, 840 hrs, ive been sufferin with two abscesses on two teeth. ive been to the dentist n she just gave me 2 lots of antibiotics, then before my next appointment, they came back, so i had a trip to the docs, who gave me another load of tablets. as well as these, i have been using co-codamol containing codine, morphine, oragel, bonjela, anbesol, and every mouthwash going including salt water, ive had very little sleep in these 5 weeks and still got no relief. the only solution now, is for me to use vodka, and along with the morphine i think i should be feelin no pain whatsoever. my next appointment with her should be june 2nd, but im gonna beg n plead for an appointment tomoz or i think there will be a death in my family. me! i wonder what i’d done wrong in a previous life, to witness such pain in this one, any ideas????????????

  38. A few months ago, I had an extremely badd toothache, went to the dentist & they put a crown over the tooth, than a couple weeks later the pain started to come back, only for a day, but than went away. Thann now for the past week, I’ve been in pain. I thought maybe it was becuase I chew gum all the time, but I don’t think it is… Well I’m not exactly sure, but I go to the dentist every 6 months, & my appointment won’t be until maybe Tuesday or Wednesday. but I want some sleep, so I think I’m going to try the onion one since I have no idea what a clove is & no access to whiskey or Vodka, & it seems like the simplest thing. It’s weird how I was in my room trying to sleep, & in crazy pain, & everytime I would get up to walk around it seemed to feel a tad bit better (but still extremely bad.) Okay going to try the onion now…

  39. the other day my tooth started hurting a little bit then after a day or two it was excruciating i went to the dentist and they have me a antibiotic and Tylenol w/ codeine. Yeah it helps altiile but not entirely. What i do to help is take a drink of water and let it sit on your tooth. it usually helps for me. but i dont think i can survive another night

  40. i have really bad toothache and its not going away. i have tried the onion, the clove, the toothpaste and tylenol. all have not work for me. i am now down to ice and its making the pain going away but it still hurt and i can’t sleep. its now 2:40 am and im tired i need help and i dont want to go to the dentist because i don’t have money. it cost too much to go to the dentist… HELP ME..

  41. im so glad im not the only one. im doing the ice pack, which is slightly working and just about to try the onion, i have never known pain like it, i have been sitting crying for the last five hours.

  42. in the same sitn…couldnt sleep for 2 days…did not go to work tday coz of lack of sleep and pain…i PRAYED and cried…feel a little better now and seeing the denstist at noon…scared of dentist and no money too but have to go coz i cant take just any medication for fear of harming baby

  43. I was in horrible pain five min. ago. I tried the onion thing reluctantly, but it totally worked! I feel way better. Thank you!!!!!!!!!

  44. ohhh, ive tried EVERYTHING[besides the onion, ewwww]!!! The best so far is asprin – which can relieve me till I have to eat something! And the vodka, but for other reasons…lol. Not lol, I am at work, and this thing is killing me!!! YERRRRRRR. The clove, works for 5mins TOPS, but I havent tries BIcarb of soda, apparently that also helps..*sobbbbbbb*

  45. help in so much pain,was at dentist today got abbsess’s tried everything,clove oil loads pills im now sat rying the onion thing sounds weird but helping!!!!!

  46. well the onion thing only lasted a fews mins but will keep trying it,very hungry[finding it hard to eat] and i need sleep,must take more pills again soon!! will end up a junkie at this rate!!!!

  47. im sooooooooo sore, cant take it any more

  48. rinsing with Vodka and then some garlic salt helped a little this is just so irritating

  49. this tooth is killing me ive been puttin it off for a while….my filling came out my tooth is decayed nd i dont wanna go to the dentist cuz my graduation is friday wat do i do???

  50. Advil gel caps work fast. While you wait for them to work swish the warm salt water. Spit amd repeat. Try a ditraction. If that doesn’t work try rum with the advil but but don’t drink it. It will mess up your sleep unless you are an alchoholic. just don’t hurt yourself. You can take tylenol(no liquor) with ibuprophen for a good night sleep. Stay within the tylenol dosage. No more than 800mg of ibuprophen per DAY broken down 4 times(200mg x 4). Only for a short amount of time.
    Don’t reply to my post because I will probably not read this again.
    Witch doctor stuff is fun too. Read about it….

  51. 800 mg of ibuprophen per day only if you are an adult. I am 200lb. This is what the old Navy Corpman allowed us.

  52. vicodin works the best

  53. no money
    no dentist
    Listerene works while its on the teeth
    clove oil works briefly
    oragel doesn’t work at all any more
    the whiskey never worked (crown royal)
    my teeth are black spongy nubbs
    my ear eyes and head are pounding
    all the er will do is prescribe painkillers (no money)
    I have no job
    my screen is broken from a previous loss of temper
    this is the end of my life

  54. I am in soooo much pain scared to try the Onion…. doesnt the Onion make you have bad breath? I am soo much in pain dont know what to do:(

  55. ibprofen and vodka are helping, but i dont think i can keep doing this, will the pain ever go away on it own? or am i stuck hurting if i dont always do this?

  56. ..c c c .. it’l like hell everything when you’r in pain … the cotton in the ear help a little bit … i can imagine the pain ..the ear ..the head the eyes .. its frustrating

  57. thank you x x

  58. I know how you all feel here. I went through so many different kinds of toothaches, even ones where I felt like ending my life. I had ones where I was in so much pain that I sat there crying all night.

    I have no income, no Dentist, and no way of getting these rotten teeth out.

    I am also scared of dentist and am now thinking that it may be the only way to feel great once again.

    If you live in the USA I do know there is a program through welfare that is called TCMS and they help you by paying most of the dentist bill if not all and it is the only solution I see now that Medi-cal cut off dentist work for adults.

    I say try signing up to TCMS and go that route to get to a dentist and get the tooth or teeth taken care of right away.

    Heck I am going to do it after all now since I am now going through another tootheache and I decided this is it. It is coming out.

  59. Hey all. Doing the clove oil thing and its working really well. JUST for those who are afraid of the tooth monster(dentist ) find one that uses nitros oxide. This will help calm you while he does his job. Just consult with him first though.

    A second thing is that if you are having pain in the back of your mouth, most often the jaw muscle tightens up. Try rub the jaw to relax the muscle. That will also relieve the ear ache that some mite experiance.

    my back tooth broke in half and is pretty exposed. Going to see my No2 provider in 2days to get this dam thing pulled.

  60. I found out another remedy that helped me with another severe toothache that has been hurting like crazy the last few days.

    I was suffering for 3 days with this blasted toothache and I decided to drink a hot cup of coffee with 2 tablespoons of sugar and 1 tablespoon of creamer. To my suprise the pain stop. I took a 600 mg Ibuprofen before the coffee and thought I was just clear for a short time but the pain did try to come back at least 5 times but I skipped the ibuprofen and drank another cup of coffee and the pain ceased everytime within 15 seconds or so and now it hasn’t come back and the tooth was pressure sensitive but not now.

    I am shocked that hot coffee actually killed my toothache like that and quickly and also got rid of it now for the last day and a half.

    May not work for everyone but give it a shot and see if it does and also let me know since I think coffee may have something that helps relief toothaches.

  61. the onion works and the cloves but try some vodka the nerve will die just give it time trust me. o and peanut butter anf garlic

  62. have yet to try any of these, but i dip (chew fine tobacco). hadnt for about a week and once i did again, it seemed to releive the pain. not suggested as a remedy, especially to those who do not use nicotine. mouthwash persistently through the day is the best idea other than consulting the dentist. im like alot of you with no money for a dentist.. 2 side-by-side molars both in need of root canal/extraction. never bothered me for about 4 years til the past few weeks.
    also, i did seem to notice how it gets worse at night, especially when i attempt to sleep. assuming its the leveling of blood in the body, concentrating on the weakest point, so propping your head up does help some. cotton in the ear helps as well, as the air in the room is naturally colder than your body, it feels extra sensitive.
    i tried killing the nerves, but no luck. also tried pulling the teeth on my own, now ones far more painful as its lodged against the other from the twisting roots. i dont suggest this, too risky to leave the root tips impacted. the price of an oral surgeon makes the dentist look cheap.
    but, as i said, i havent tried most of these tips, but being physical throughout the day and ignoring the pain does make it go away. go for a run while you cant sleep from the pain, good cardio, pain seizes, and you might be tired enough to fall asleep quickly before it comes back.

  63. a glove of garlic and the rock saly worked great, crush up the salt and the clove of garlic and put on tooth did the job, no pain now for 15 minutes…only draw back is you smell like garlic bad…kinda taste good, burns the heck out of your cheek and gums but the pain is gone….thank god, damn rip off dentists, I am on disability and have maedi care and medi caid…hahahhaahhaah, what a joke, there isnt a dentist anywhere around here that takes my insurance, there all out for the god almighty dollar… i will suck on my garlic and rock salt….where is the compassion, i thought doctors took an oath to help people…yeah right, only in america folks!!!!

  64. for those who are scared of the dentist think positive i use to be too but when he pulled my tooth I could have hugged him, The pain of him pulling it (didnt feel it) was much better then haveing the ache

  65. I’m up right now with terrible pain feels like pressure and I’m even on vikodin and it’s not working. Ouch, someone help me please!

  66. tang ina ang sket!!!!!!!!

  67. I have been suffering from the worst toothache I have had in my life for the last 5 days, Ibuprofen definitely worked for the first few days but not anymore, the pain has become unbearable and anything hot or cold ( I have previous sensitivity) really hurts my tooth, I just tried the onion which offered relief while it was on my tooth but now that its off for me to write this my pain is returning, I am afraid I will take too much ibuprofen but I don’t know what else to do. I am going to see my dentist tomorrow thank god I can’t concentrate on anything but this stupid tooth. Although its not natural Orajel works for maybe 10 mins of relief I think the best thing is to go see a Dentist no matter how much you hate them!

  68. Just wanted to let everyone know I tried plugging the ear with cotton on the side of my toothache and this actually worked!! I had practically no pain I don’t know why this works but it did!

  69. Apply a bit of black pepper/salt mixture to the gums around the bad tooth and it will help a little bit. I plugged my ear on the side of the bad tooth and it also helped.

    Haven\’t tried the other methods.

  70. If you are afraid of the dentist or just don’t like your dentist you have the option of pulling your tooth if the pain is at an extreme.

    Yes that in itself is very painful, but it is really the only long term “fix” other than having to face the dentist.

    I myself hate my dentist, I’m not afraid or anything like that I just hate him.

    -Never informed me with what he was doing (as a dentist should) he filed my lower front teeth for no reason placed several fillings that didn’t need placing, and tried to charge me a small fortune for the work done.

    I was 13-14 at the time when I saw him (I live in the uk) He tried to charge me £60 per filling £100 for the filing a further £60 for a check up and £300 for x-rays he had taken.

    In total I received a bill roughly the sum of £540 (around $1000 usd).

    Now with him being a supposed NHS worker he had the gaul to attempt and charge me for all of the above while I was still underage.

    For anyone wondering how I know I didn’t need any of that treatment at the time. My last dentist. I had recently moved home and 2 days later I signed on with another dentist and this is when it all happened. Yet my last dentist said my teeth are pretty much in perfect condition. In the space of 2 days my teeth went from “perfect” to cavity filled “disasters”

    That’s the reason why I won’t ever goto a dentist again. If I get a toothache I know what the problem is so I don’t need to visit the dentist… My doctor is a friend so he prescribes me the anti-biotics I need to get rid of the problem. If it does come to the worst though I can easily grab my pliers and pull the tooth myself.

  71. Ok, this is my second toothache. Its the worst pain…EVER. i havent tried any of these remedies yet but i know one thing, dentist=savior. my dentist subscribed me antibiotics and codine. the codine worked i had 0 pain 0!! 1 week later i stopped usuing both medications, the tooth did die but now no more pain only relief. i had a root canal and its finished the nightmare is over…..its now round 2 for me =[

  72. I’ve found that what works best is cutting liquid Nurofen capsules in half and rubbing it on the pained area. It’s sticky and tastes foul but really seems to work.

  73. #9 has a typo the first word should be wheat not what

  74. thank you I will try and get that fixed. I am surprised it has not been noticed till now. :)

  75. It is 554am I’m tired, hungry, nd in pain!!! Every since Saturday morning. I tried the salt nd warm water that helped but I also packed it w/ that filling stuff u buy n the store. Didn’t. Help!

    I WENT TO THE HOSPITAL THEY GAVE ME VICODIN ND PENICILLIN. BOY HOW SWEET IT IS NOT TO BE IN PAIN FOR RIGHT NOW. EARLIER I WUZ UP CRYING LIKE A NEWBORN BABY! I couldn’t believe how much a toothache hurt! I always had access. (Welfare) not no more they cut me off! So much 4 being a citizen of the U.S. I’ve applied 4 disability, its taking 2 yrs. To hear from them! I have a dentist appt. Wednesday, I can’t wait!! Even though its gonna cost me $168. Ill be free of this pain!!

  76. Take a pain-killer and plug the ear of the same side as the tooth. Worked for me.

  77. The only remedy that I have found to work consistently is ice cold water swished around the abcessed tooth/teeth. I have spent many, many nights with a horrible toothache. I swish the cold water around the tooth and then spit it back into a bottle. No, I do not reuse the water! lol! I am normally on vicoden for a bad back, so they do not work to releave the toothache pain. I am going to have to bite the bullet and have them pulled, however it will require me being put to sleep and preformed as an outpatient procedure at the hospital.

  78. i vouch for the vodka…….hate dentists wih a passion.

  79. So far I’ve taken 4 aleve’s, 4 off brand aspirin and 2 ibuprofen..and nothing has helped. Usually 3 aleves does the trick but not tonight. All it did for me was give me a terrible stomach ache. Ice water helps somewhat but I have to swish it around in my mouth every 5 mins or so and Ive been doing this for over 10 hours!!!! It sucks. If I had an onion Id most definitely try it. I have mouthwash but for some reason it made it hurt worse. My question is what is a good cocktail of medications for this type of thing? I just grab anything that says pain relief.

  80. try vicoprofen, it is codein and ibuprofen, it is by far the best releif I have found. allthough may not be for everyone as it is narcotic. must be prescribed

  81. nothing works :(

  82. Aleve is amazing for toothaches but you have to make sure it’s that brand…I know it may sound crazy but I’ve tried generic but nothing is relieved!! It even topped vicodin !!!!

  83. i must try to fix that i didn’t pay attention to it in the past
    healthy weight loss

  84. how do you fix a garlic paste?

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  88. 3 Ibuprofen every 4 hours and constant brushing tends to work well for me. Sure I\’m trading toothache pain for a damaged liver but oh well. Can\’t feel my liver:)

  89. Just soaked the tooth with a shot of Vodka… Whole area is numb… No pain in a matter of seconds after 2 weeks of extreme pain… Seems to be working just good… Now lemme down the rest… Hehehehehe…

    On a serious note, think I’m gonna have to go see the dentist before this gets serious and I turn to an alcoholic… Lol

  90. I’m in excruciating pain went to dentist he prescribed penicillin got to go back in two weeks he thinks its nerve damage but won’t take tooth out as only very minor damage I’m on tramadol paracetamol nurofen express penicillin and liquid morphine I have had one decent nights sleep since last Saturday and I’m in tears every night I’ve had my poor partner up till 4 am, I’ve had more drugs this past week than a heroin addict and running out of patience and ideas, ill try anything can anyone suggest any more pain killers? Pain is worse when I bend over or try and sleep

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