Top 10 High Calorie Fruits

Fruits have lot of calories in it and they,re very useful for our health .So here you have top 10 high calories fruits list which help you a lot to be healthy ..

Many people use fruits to maintain their health but they don,t know how much a fruit contain calorie in it so here is top 10 fruits which have high calories in it which help you a lot to use more than other to keep you healthy .


A date contain 281 calorie in it and this is very useful and increase lot of energy and it is small in size so you can use 10 to 15 and this is a great amount of calorie which increase your energy a lot and help you to keep very healthy….


Avocado pear has 190 calorie in it so by using it you get great amount of calorie too


A banana contains 95 calorie in it so 5 banana is good amount for boost your energy and also it has lot of proteins too.


CHICKOO contains 94 calorie in it and also it can be used


Strawberry taste is great and an average strawberry contains 77 calorie in it so it,s by nature is in small size so you can use 20 to 30 per day to maintain your energy and for calorie and strawberry is hot favourite fruit among people.


People use Pomegranate juice a lot and it,s very very useful to increase your red blood cells too and it has 77 calories in it. It,s also being eaten too .


An average mango has 70 calorie in it . People also use it to make mango shake and it is very sweet fruit and being liked in all over the world. It can help you a lot to maintain your energy .


Cherry has 70 calorie in it and being used among many people.


LYCHEE has 61 calorie in it and it,s taste some time like sour but it is very juicy and soft inside skin and also can help a lot to maintain your energy..


Plum is very sour sometime and sometime very sweet to eat … It contains 56 calorie in it and it also in small size by nature so you can use 8 to 10 a day in it,s season.


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  1. Pomegranates, advodaoes and dates are among my many favourite fruits, perhaps I should eat them in moderation ;)

  2. Very well said. these all are my favorite fruits

  3. These are very good calories from a balanced diet. Thanks my friend

  4. thanks frnds !


  6. very nice share,, i love most of these fruits,, thank you ;)

  7. These are very good! Thanks for the share.

  8. Interesting!
    I like bananas and they have lots of calories in, mind you though I am not overweight and fruits are still very important in your life so I won’t be cutting down on them, thats for sure.
    Great Article :-)

  9. I love them all.

  10. I love mango. Thanks for sharing.

  11. That must be why all these fruits are so delicious ;-)
    Your pictures go very well with your article.

  12. Thanks for sharing such valuable information.

  13. very useful information

  14. I always thought all fruit was good for you. Now I know why when I told my doctor I get sick on fruit, she said don’t eat it.
    Great article. I liked how you had a picture of each fruit, because some I never heard of and wouldn’t know what they look like.

  15. Nice Share.


  16. thanks everyone !

  17. This made me hungry xD

  18. Very nice, thanks for sharing

  19. Great article i love this one.

  20. good article and half of them fruits I don’t like!

  21. Yummy pictures. Mangoes are actually lower that I would have thought. Nothing comes near the 250-300 calories in a candy bar. Fruit is still the best sweet fix!

  22. Good info. Thanks :)

  23. thx !

  24. Your list is making me very hungry. I love fruit.

  25. This is my favorite health food story so far.

  26. Great list. My favourite tops among them all.

  27. hahahha steven well said i also feel same here and thanks all for appriciataion !

  28. Love strawberries, especially in season.

  29. If written as a poem–I would eat the whole of it! But, it is not! I can not taste a thing! My mind just moved over mocking memories to make room for more mindless information. Infromation! 411! I can get it from a telephone! But, Star Jucie–the kind that tickles and dazzles the sluggish Soul–That is where you will find me! Out there finding the other side of feel–if you know what I mean! Thanks for the comment! Cool!

  30. I’m hungry, just looking at them!! The best fruits are high in calorie.

  31. Wow.Interesting articles and informations,nice pictures.go on,i give liked.thanks girls :)

  32. Love those fruits ;) Great share.

  33. The fruits made my mouth water.
    How to avoid caloire :-)

  34. Very well written and educational. Keep ‘em coming.

  35. Beautiful pictures. You make me hungry. Please stop! Just kidding.

  36. thanks also check more articles i added in the last thanks

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  38. Nice shairing i like it and thanks….

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