Top Ten Reasons You Shouldn’t Smoke!

Of course, everyone knows that you shouldn’t smoke, but some people still do! Everyone knows it can kill you, but I thought I should just remind you why you shouldn’t smoke.

1. Cigarettes (and any other smokeable thing that has nicotine and tobacco) can cause over 25 diseases which INCLUDES 11 types of cancer!  (THIS MEANS IT’S BAD FOR YOUR HEALTH.)

2. It increases the risk of heart attack, and in women it can cause early menopause, fertility problems, miscarriage, and other horrible pregnancy problems. (ONCE AGAIN, BAD FOR YOUR HEALTH.)

3. In men, it increases the risk of penile cancer. (C’mon on guys, you don’t want to lose the one thing that makes you a man, right?)

4. Smoke thickens the blood, making you have a higher risk of getting blood clots. (Seriously, it’s bad for your health.)

5. It causes premature wrinkling of the skin. (Ladies, you DO NOT want this!)

6. Cigarettes are getting cheaper, they’re only rising in cost. In NYC, it’s almost 9 bucks a pack! That’s a HUGE waste of money!

7. Cigarettes kill more people each year than anything else out there.

8. It smells absolutely horrible, makes your teeth and fingers yellow, AND you have HORRIBLE breath!

9. If you have small children, second hand smoke is just as dangerous. You could be harming your children with your bad habit.

10. Nicotine is VERY addictive, and it’s addiction is almost as hard to break as the hard drug heroin is. 

There are MANY more reasons why you SHOULDN’T smoke, but these are just the basics. If you are smoking now, try to make the effort to quit. If you can’t quit, consider rolling your own cigarettes with loose leaf tobacco, there are no chemicals and other additives that the big tobacco companies put in pre-made ones. If you haven’t started smoking, DON’T!

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  1. best tips ever

  2. Small error: it should be ‘cigarettes AREN’T getting cheaper, they’re only rising in cost’.

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