Treating Small Minor Burns with Table Salt

Brushing by a very hot surface makes our skin red and uncomfortable with pain. Table Salt can get rid of the discomfort within 10 to 20 minutes.

Cooking in the kitchen sometimes, can give us more than a cooked meal. Our hands and arms can suffer a few burns here and there, while working around the stove.

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Usually we brush by a very hot surface, we try to pull our hand away from it very quickly, but it is too late. Part of our skin is already turning red, and we could still feel the burning sensation. Our first reaction is to let the cold water from the tap run over it to sooth the pain. But then what?!

How many people placed a hot dish from the oven on the table, then somebody would come along and touch it? I would say at least once, in almost every family.

My grand mother taught me this natural remedy which works every time.

  1. First of all, DO NOT use this remedy if your skin has peeled off, or have raw and exposed under skin.
  2. Wet the effected area of the skin with cold water, if you don’t have water around, use your saliva by liking the skin.
  3. Pour salt on it (Don’t worry, it doesn’t hurt if you still have your skin). The salt should stick to the wet area.
  4. Make sure the burnt skin is completely covered with a crust of salt (which is suppose to stick on the skin, because it’s wet)
  5. The burning sensation will begin to diminish slowly after five minutes.
  6. Leave the salt on for 20 to 25 minutes, then brush it off.

You have to do this within the few minutes after the skin got burnt, or it won’t be as effective if you wait.

The salt absorbs moisture, and will not allow the skin to form puss, and bubble. The pain will disappear within 20 minutes, and the red skin will get back to normal within a day, or so.

I have been using this remedy since I was nine years old. My entire family’s first response to a burn, is to reach for the salt. It is the fastest way to get rid of the burn pain. Try the salt, it works!

Should a Second or a third degree burn happen, where the skin have bubbled or pealed off, the doctor should be consulted to administer the right medications, and antibiotics to prevent an infection. Most of the time a scar will continue to exist after a serious burn has healed.

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  1. Being a former chef, I have used salt on burns often. It not only works but allows me to keep working with out constant pain. The burn is usually gone within 3 days…….only thing I would add is keep applying salt every 20-30 mins to keep the bubble from forming and use your saliva “not cold water”. Cold water may feel better quickly but it actually blanches the skin and prolongs the pain deeper into it.

  2. As a medic, I’ll vouch for this! My wife taught me this trick and it always works. I usually plunge my hand into a large salt container for 2 minutes and it does everything the writer has stated above.

  3. I agree salt does work!! people are naive to its effictiveness. right after a burn applying slat helps the wound not only to heal but prevents it from having a scar. When ever i get burn salt is the first thing i reach for but ofcourse minor burns.

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