Treatment for Hair Loss

As hair is related with pride, style and youth, its loss can leave a dreadful impact on the self-esteem of a man. Eventually, it can influence his personal and professional life as well. Millions of men have fallen victim to this problem. And it is growing everyday.

There are various reasons for hair loss. However, researches made over this subject shows three basic factors. The first and foremost factor is the genetic factor, where genes are naturally conveyed to the son from his father. Then, hormonal factor – that is improper secretion of male hormones. After that, comes the factor of aging. This results in receding hairline due to follicle shrinkage in men.

The various hair loss treatments discussed below can however bring back the lost smile to millions of worried men.

Meso Hair Therapy

Meso hair therapy has proved to be a cost-effective, simple and safe option for men hair loss treatment. The therapy can also be tried over women and children but it is mainly effective on male pattern hair loss. The procedure involves careful insertion of vital minerals and vitamins essential for the nourishment of hair. These hair nourishing elements are injected into the scalp through a tiny needle. This absolutely painless and safe procedure stimulates the dying hair follicles and increases blood circulation within the scalp.

Oral Pills


The substance which is mainly responsible for male pattern hair Loss is Di-Hydro-Testosterone or DHT. However, it is possible to block this substance through oral pills that are prescribed by an experienced hair specialist. These pills are specifically designed for male consumption and children and women should stay away from it. These pills disrupt the development of hair follicle shrinkage, and at the same time they also nourish your weak and damaged hair. The magic pills, however, are not free from side effects. Over consumption or intake without consulting the doctor can cause testicular pain and problems at the time of ejaculation.

Surgical Methods

Hair transplant surgery is a popular method for correcting male pattern baldness and alopecia. Nowadays, a lot of men are opting for this method. In this type of surgery, hairs are extracted from a portion of the scalp. And the process gets completed when the extracted hairs are replanted on the affected portion of the head. Almost similar methods of surgery are the flap surgery and the scalp reduction technique. However, these procedures are all very painful.

Some Other Methods

Men can also opt for laser hair restoration treatment and dandruff control therapy, depending on the texture of their hair. Natural methods for treating hair loss include usage of tulsi, amla, brahmi and henna in the form of paste or powder. Homeopathic treatment for hair loss is also an effective and safe solution. Staying stress free, keeping the hair clean and maintaining a healthy diet at the same time will also help you definitely in your fight for hair loss.


However, don’t forget to consult your doctor before selecting any of the above treatment methods.

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  14. Best to start by eating right or eating a multivitamin pill a day.
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