Turn to Dental Implants for a Permanent Solution

Wanting your teeth to be in top condition is about much more than just vanity or caring too much about your appearance. Knowing that you’re creating a good impression every time you speak or smile will boost your confidence in all areas of life, meaning that you feel relaxed and at ease in a wide range of situations.

In years gone by, the vision of a perfect smile boasting stunningly white, straight and even teeth was something which was only within the reach of celebrities or the extremely wealthy. The fact that technology has advanced, however, together with a gradual drop in treatment costs, means that virtually anyone can now access treatment aimed at improving their smile to the point where they are completely happy with it. Often, this will encompass treatments along the lines of teeth whitening, lifting the colour of the teeth by several shades, or perhaps veneers, which cover faults such as chips and cracks and are often referred to as ‘false nails for the teeth’. Sometimes, however, teeth have been damaged beyond repair and, in cases such as this where one or more consecutive teeth need to be replaced, the best step to take will be to visit a dental implant clinic and discuss the option of having an implant fitted.

The main advantage to having an implant fitted is that the entire damaged tooth and root are removed and replaced in a manner which is permanent whilst also being relatively simple. If you’re less than happy with the condition of one of your teeth, due to damage, or if the tooth itself is actually missing following an accident or decay, then dental implants in London could be the most effective form of treatment.

At the initial consultation, your dentist will examine your teeth, assessing their condition and advising what the best course of treatment will be. If it is an implant, then the process will begin when your dentist attaches a small titanium pin to the actual jawbone. In a few months, the gum will heal and the pin will have actually grown into the bone itself, thus becoming permanently attached. Whilst this is happening, your dentist may offer to fit a temporary tooth for appearances sake. Eventually, a permanent porcelain tooth will be fitted onto the pin, having been custom made so that it perfectly matches the shape, size and colour of the tooth it is replacing and those around it. If necessary, an individual titanium pin can be fitted and used to support a bridge which holds two or more replacement teeth.

The best part of being given a dental implant in London, or elsewhere in the UK, is that it manages to replace both the tooth and the root, creating a permanent and effective solution. If an implant is looked after properly in terms of hygiene and diet, its appearance will be maintained for many years afterwards. If an implant is the correct treatment for your problem tooth or teeth, then your dentist will explain the process, how much it will cost and what the end results will be.

Whereas, even recently, a dentist’s clinic was seen as being somewhere that you’d visit when in pain or suffering from a specific condition, advances in cosmetic dental treatments have created a situation whereby it’s a place to go to when you wish to totally transform the appearance of your smile.

English: CT Scan for Dental Implants. This shows eight dental implants superimposed over the lower jaw in areas of maximum bone and four teeth that will be extracted. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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