Want to Kill Breast Cancer Cells

Want to kill breast cancer cells.

Probably not many people who love bitter melon plant, because it was bitter. But you will start to like it because there are many benefits contained in the vegetables that are available in this country it seems that the bitter melon plant extracts to protect women from breast cancer with the use of bitter melon extract.

Apparently it is also in India, China and South America, the extract can digunakam as a traditional medicine to treat diabetes, because blood sugar levels of ability, as well as ratak many people really understand, to reduce the nature of the vegetable bitter melon, we usually know from his mouth, but from the literature, the efficacy of bitter melon with global recognition.

Among appears to have activity against cancer cells. The researchers used rats as the rats run percobaan.Penelitian trigger diabetes, the mice given the extract of bitter melon and then measure their blood sugar. The results of blood sugar levels decreased gradually in mice. Reduction in sugar content as a result of the work of substance, in common with insulin content in the seeds, pareSelain obtained, the protein substance which is also included in the assistance to reduce the levels of glucose in the blood.

Substances that speed up the meat and beans contain shelling and demolition of excess glucose convert glucose into energy. It also seems to contain lots of fiber, vitamin C, carotene and potassium. Fiber operates to adjust the conditions in the intestine and used to treat constipation. Carotene acts to maintain healthy eyes, because it can increase the activity of the eye and to overcome or reduce the symptoms of night blindness. While the use of potassium, sodium pengonsumsian effective for the treatment of hypertension to be overcome.

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