What are Causes and Consequences of Bad Breath?

Bad breath is also known as halitosis. There are lots of factors which are the culprits for bad breath.

When people try to stay away from you when you talk and you want to do something about it, you need to rectify your bad breath. And for treating it you must be acquainted more with it. 

Bad breath is also termed as halitosis. There are several factors which cause bad breath. As spicy foods such as onions or garlic can cause odd-smelling breath, use of tobacco, periodontal disease and dry mouth can also bring about bad breath. Also, microorganisms which boom in the food particles fastened in dentures, braces or teeth can result into bad breath. And when that is the scenario, regular cleaning in form of brushing as well as flossing twice in a day and following every meal, together with special care of tongue can eliminate your bad breath problem resulting from removal of microorganisms. 

If you suffer from bad breath following meals but don’t get opportunity to brush after that, there is a solution. You can nibble gum or sugarless candy. This induces saliva to get discharged more which removes bacteria and other rubbish. 

Water and raw fruits and veggies

Having sufficient water and crisp raw fruits and vegetables like apples, turnip, etc prohibit microbes that give out bad breath. If you are a chain smoker, you may find the fact helpful to quit smoking that smoking is a big culprit for bad breath. Smoking brings about shortage of vitamin C, which further causes bad breath, hence getting vitamin C supplementation, like oranges, lime, etc. may be useful. 

Onion and garlic 

Garlic as well as onion are notorious to bring about bad breath. After you digest them they flow in your blood and reach your lungs through blood. In that situation they are detected in your breath at least for a couple of days although you keep rinsing mouth for the whole day. 

Mouthwashes and sprays

Sprays as well as mouthwashes can soften bad breath but are not able to cure the underlying cause of the disorder. Hence, they are temporary solutions. If you notice that your bad breath is becoming sustained, better get treated by a dentist.  

Periodontal disorders

If a periodontal problem is the underlying cause of your bad breath, you have to take a gum disease treatment from a dentist, who will later refer you to a periodontist to find out the causative factor of your halitosis. If you are prone to accumulation of plaque, your dentist may prescribe you an antibacterial mouth rinse. However if you don’t find any lessening in the condition, tooth decay may be the possible cause and you should take advice of your dentist. 


Plaque is not only a cause of bad breath, but also the commencing factor of a lot of dental disorders sooner or later. The plaque is the booming place for microbes, which bring about all the oral disorders, to gums, breath and teeth. If you are suffering from bad breath, be on careful regarding cleanliness of your mouth and pay specific attention to brushing and flossing. Approach your dentist regarding how to brush and floss properly, in order to maintain your teeth forever free of plaque. 

Fresh breath turns you full of confidence. Moreover, it makes you energetic. However in addition to these cosmetic benefits, it is an indication of truly excellent oral health. So, take care to keep your breath always free of odor.

So if You have a problem with bad breath visit Your dentist. Also if You are thinking about to start using of braces, check Diamondbraces and realize all benefits of them.

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