What are Health and Skill Related Fitness, and What Benefits You Can Get From Them??

What is health related fitness, and what is skill related fitness, and what are the benefits you can gain from moderate physical activities, find out now ;)


Health related fitness is something we need to obtain to stay healthy from the inside of the body, and being healthy from inside reflect a healthy shape and look on the outside of the body…

Health-related physical fitness is not a single entity, but rather a sum of five measurable components…

What are they..?

1 – Cardiorespiratory fitness: the circulatory and the respiratory systems ability to supply oxygen during a prolonged period of physical activity…

2 – Body composition: refers to the percentage of different types of body tissues that are related to health…

3 – Muscular strength: muscle ability to exert force.

4 – Muscle endurance: a muscle group ability to repeat contractions over a period of time, sufficient to cause muscular fatigue…

5 – Flexibility: the range of motion available at a joint.

   Even though an individual’s appearance or exercise habits may be viewed as evidence of physical fitness and health, in reality, there is not one overall measure of physical fitness..!


Skill related fitness is something we obtain by determination, insisting and effort… it gives you the chance to stay healthy from the outside of your body, and thus, improve the health of your inside…

Skill related components:

1 – Agility: the ability to change the body in space with speed and accuracy.

2 – Coordination: the ability of using the senses together with body parts to perform smooth and accurate tasks.

3 – Balance:  The maintenance of equilibrium during stationary or moving.

4 – Power: the rate of work someone can perform.

5 – Reaction time: The time elapsed between stimulation and the beginning of the reaction to it.

6 – Speed: the ability to perform a movement within a short period of time.

People of all ages, whether they are males or females, benefit from regular physical activity… Significant health benefits can be obtained by including a moderate amount of physical activity on most, if not all, days of the week.

Moderate amounts of physical activity may not be sufficient to improve health and skill-related fitness levels…

What are the benefits you can get from regular physical activity?


1) – Reduces the risk of dying prematurely.

2) – Reduces the risk of dying from heart disease.

3) – Reduces the risk of developing diabetes.

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