What Causes Excessive Burping After a Meal?

Do you experience frequent burping and belching after a meal? Here are the possible causes of excessive burping and what you can do about it.

Do you experience excessive burping after meals? While a belch or two is normal particularly after drinking a carbonated beverage, some people experience repeated burping and belching after even a small meal which can be a source of discomfort, particularly in a social situation. While there are a variety of causes of excessive burping, the most common one is a condition known as aerophagia.

Although it has a fancy name, aerophagia is simply a term that describes swallowing too much air when you eat. Many people swallow air when eating a meal or chewing gum without even realizing it. This problem is particularly common in anxious or high strung individuals, probably due to the fact that they eat their food rapidly which increases the risk of air swallowing. Before assuming your symptoms are due to aerophagia, it’s best to be check with your doctor to rule out other causes. If no cause for your symptoms can be found, you can take these steps to reduce aerophagia.

Eat at a Leisurely Pace

One common cause of excessive burping is air entrapment resulting from eating too rapidly. Instead of gulping down a meal in a fevered attempt to get back to work, force yourself to use your lunch hour to relax, unwind, and enjoy a healthy meal. Learn to space your bites so you’re not forking the food in too quickly. Although you may consider a meal to be relaxing when you eat with someone, talking during a meal can also increase the risk of aerophagia. Resist the urge to carry on an animated conversation during a meal.

Change your Style of Drinking Liquids

If you’re a carbonated drink junkie, you may want to rethink your choices. The carbonation in soft drinks is a common cause of excessive burping. It’s possible to swallow excessive air when you drink any drink, particularly if you use a straw. When drinking through a straw, you suck up quite a bit of air along with the liquid. When eating a meal, avoid all carbonation and sip your drink slowly from a glass. Try to limit the amount of liquid you drink with a meal since volume overload can make the symptoms worse.


It’s easier said than done but learning to relax and finding more adaptive ways to channel your anxiety and frustrations can help reduce excessive burping. Anxious people tend to gulp when they speak and may swallow a significant quantity of air. Taking several brisk walks throughout the day may help to channel your nervous energy. Other options are meditation, guided imagery, and biofeedback training.

Other Habits

Several other habits can be the cause of excessive burping. Chewing gum can aggravate aerophagia as can smoking and chewing tobacco. If you wear dentures, be sure they fit properly. Loose fitting dentures can contribute to aerophagia and burping.

Determining the cause of excessive burping and correcting it may be as simple as training yourself to swallow less air, although this can be difficult since you may not be aware of it. In some cases, over-the-counter medications with simethicone as an ingredient can help the symptoms of excessive burping. This may be worth a try if your symptoms fail to resolve.

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  1. I suffer with this problem. It started about 2 weeks after changing a medication and has continued for about 4 years now. I was told by my grastro doctor I was swallowing air when I ate. When through all the test and came up with nothing. Tried various medications with little help.
    Finally after a few very distressing episodes, my regular doctor gave me Alprazolam – .25mg or Xanax which is an Anxiety drug. YOU ARE NOT supposed to drive while taking this drug. I assume it relaxes my stomach. I know it makes me sleepy – but the burping will almost totally stop. I can sleep at night now. I used to have to sit up most of the night as it seemed to be worse when I laid down.
    I have changed my diet. I am very careful about sugars including corn syrup and rich greasy foods as they really trigger my burping. High fuctrose corn syrup is in tons of foods. I have also given up sodas. The medications I took a bedtime, I now take about 8:00 with food.
    It is much better now and I am hoping it will eventually go away.
    I can often get by with 1/4 of a pill or no pill at bedtime now.
    I feel the change in medications caused my stomach to be very sensitive and just eating made it start churning creating the burping and as the burping increased, so did my stress.
    I hope this helps some of you. But, be very careful with the medication as it can have some side effects and etc.

  2. you dont want to take xanax long term, not good for your head, if you suffer from anxiety try linden method

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