What is Hygiene? Why is Important?

What is Hygiene? I am sure you know it, but you may have extra tips, information.

What is Hygiene? Why is important?
To prevent damage to the environment, health practices and to do all the cleaning measures are defined as hygiene.

Every man is responsible for its cleanliness. Child age mothers, fathers or teachers often personally made by the teachings of cleaning applications, from childhood by the individuals own needs to be done. For example, after the toilet and washing hands before touching food should be a habit. The work each day cleaning the bathroom to another application.

Clean is the only visible contamination to be done is not enough. For example, washing of the face to wake up from sleeping, washing and changing everyday cleaning applications.

Without water and soap is not possible to talk about cleaning. Advanced societies are the most commonly used personal hygiene products are among the water and soap. Furthermore, the bath sponges, fiber, tooth brushes, hands and feet, used in cleaning the body, cleaning brushes, cleaning tools come to mind are the first nail scissors. All of these should not be shared with others, are personal hygiene tools.

Person’s own health to be mainly on the protection of others and health is the most important tool cleaning. Not only to clean the body, used to keep everything clean, and each environment is also needed to be clean.
You must get shortlist for hygiene, you must wash your hands minimum 3 minutes with soap and water. You must make efforts to clean your hands. If your hands are clean, you can save yourself very well.

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