What is Hygiene?

What is Hygiene in general and why is it important?

The definition of Hygiene is,

  1. The science that deals with the promotion and preservation of health. Also called hygienics.
  2. Conditions and practices that serve to promote or preserve health: hygiene in the workplace; personal hygiene.

Most people would consider hygiene a general word but it can be narrowed down in, personal hygiene, dental hygiene, Facial hygiene, child hygiene, animal hygiene and many more smaller areas. Each are has it’s own set of ideals which change in time yet they are all the same principal thing. Clean.

The focus of this article is on personal hygiene. This encompasses Dental as well as facial hygiene, it is an overall cleanliness. Not only body odor or bad breath. These are simply end results. You can smell good yet have terrible hygiene. Personal hygiene is also affected by things such as what type of soap you use (You don’t want one that leaves a residue), What type of toothpaste you use, How clean are the cloths you put on and what the material is like, is your deodorant harmful to your personal hygiene and in some cases health.

Now, we know those things affect our personal hygiene as well as personal health yet some people among us ignore it. This has a long term sometimes irreversible effect on our bodies. If you fail to brush your teeth regularly, you may end up like…

Image by woodleywonderworks via Flickr

Scary right? I mean look at that decay he hasn’t brushed in months! He has mud all over himself. (Yes I know it is a pumpkin but did you wanna see a real picture of someone who looks like that?) Someday he will have dentures, or he will just eat a lot of mash potatoes and porridge. For the sake of taking care of your dental hygiene properly seems like a fair trade off to me. Be sure to get a non-adhesive toothpaste when you are buying it so it avoids places for plaque and decay to start. Floss regularly to avoid cavities which in turn can spawn more plaque and decay.

Moving on to other areas of personal hygiene your epidermis is showing! (your skin hehe, I couldn’t resist) You may think because you wash it sometimes it is clean however our skin has an annoying ability to snag and hold onto things we don’t want it to. More often then not you will have a layer of gross pollens and other debris on your skin. However using cheap soap or not scrubbing hard enough in the shower can be the cause of this. In which case the opposite would be the cure. When your skin isn’t properly cared for it can get ugly, it starts as pimples then they get bigger then you get red rashes and in extreme cases you get giant disgusting blisters if your skin cannot deal with the mess.

Personal hygiene is also important from a disease point of view. Washing your hands it not only clean but prevents you from putting it near your mouth with a virus on it or worse near your childs mouth etc. The cleaner you are the less likely you are to get sick!

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