What is Seasonal Affective Disorder and How It Affects Us

Seasonal Affective Disorders is known as a mental health issue that affects many Americans and Countries accross the world. This disorder comes to affect when the seasons change. Could you be suffering the Seasonal Affective Disorder?

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Many people know the Seasonal Affective Disorder as the winter blues. The winter blues is known as a mental health problems that comes into effect when there is less sunlight. Statistics claim that there is not a known cure. There are facts that state that it can be controlled and it changes in the spring.

Symptoms:  Being in a depressed mood daily

                    Decreased energy throughout the day

                    Food Cravings that occur throughout the day

Through the winter seasons the symptoms may increase during the winter season with increasing patterns of the symptoms above.

Ways To Control Seasonal Affective Disorder:

                   Make sure you get enough sunlight even if it is cold sunlight helps

                   Exercise on a regular basis near a window to obtain sunlight in your body

                   If you live in a cold area, try to go on a vacation to a sunny place to lift you spirits


Tips: Use Light Therapy to treat SAD. Reading in special high intense lights for several hours a day is a way to control SAD. If this problem occurs use counseling or take on seeing a physician for medication.

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