What is The Most Effective Contraceptive Method?

What about you Which you prefer?

Unlike Believed What was so far – and the favorite methods for Those Who Wish to Avoid pregnancy – a recent study have Shown That the so-Called IUDs and contraceptive implants are The Most Effective methods. What about you Which you prefer?

At the time of the Grandmothers was really hard to unwanted pregnancy Avoid an, and contraceptive methods and FEW Were Most of the Time or Were Caused Them Ineffective or great discomfort to women.

Fortunately, the situation today is Different and there are alternatives in terms of Different contraceptives, so you can choose the one you feel MOST comfortable. Some People Say That So who is pregnant Currently Because she wants, Even if unintentionally.

However, This assessment may be a little biased and Entirely Actually not true. Many women (Especially adolescents) may Because They Do Become pregnant not Know About contraceptive methods available, and events without considering These cases, there are Many women who Become Pregnant, Even Though They Are using birth control.

So unsafe contraceptive methods? Some are more than Others. It depends on Several Factors, Some HAVING to do With The contraceptive method is CHOSEN and others how it is used. For example, Many women forget to take the pill or not take it As it should, you reduce Which Increases Their Effectiveness and the chances of getting pregnant.

Still, so far, the birth control pills and condoms among the Most Successful Were contraceptive methods and, indeed, Are Most Often selected, among other things, Because They Are easy to get.

But considering the U.S. is Estimated That About half of Pregnancies That Neither Planned nor are Desired, a group of Researchers from the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, School of Medicine, University of Washington in St. Louis Decided to look for new data to change this .

For this, put at the disposal of 7.500 Nearly reversible contraceptive methods women intrauterine device Such as IUDs and contraceptive Known as implants, free of charge. They Then the Effectiveness of These Compared with Other contraceptive methods Such as pills, patches, vaginal ring and injections of hormones Following Participants for Several years.

DURING the study, 334 pregnant women Became unintentionally, and among Them, 156 did while using birth control, Which Obviously failed.

According To These results, Which Were published in the New England Journal of Medicine, the average of unwanted Pregnancies among women using pills, patches or vaginal rings WAS 4.8 Percent During The first year and 9.4 percent Clot Reached in three years.

That figure is well above-the 0.3 Percent of pregnant women using Have Become an IUD or implant, DURING the first year of the study, rising to 0.9 Percent in three years. Similarly, among women who Used hormone injections only 0.1 and 0.7 percent Clot Became pregnant During The first year or in all three studies, respectivamente.

These results Suggest That the Various contraceptive methods available today, Their Characteristics, Costs, accessibility and ease of Each of use.

If you want to Avoid pregnancy (unplanned or unwanted), talk to your physician so I can advise you based on your case and your lifestyle including. Now you respond, what contraceptive method you prefer?

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