What Makes a Person Yawn?

What Makes A Person Yawn?

We all do it every day, sometimes when we feel tired, but other times when we are wide awake and don’t feel like sleeping at all! So what is it that causes you to yawn?

Well, there are a couple of reasons why a person would yawn.

1. The first reason is that you yawn because some of your muscles may be tired or oxygen deprived. By yawning, it opens the mouth wide, drawing in oxygen which can be let loose into the blood system which is then transported to the oxygen deprived muscle or set of muscles via the blood in your body. If not enough oxygen was drawn in from the first yawn, you may yawn straight away afterwards, or a few minutes afterwards, depending on how tired your muscles actually are and whether they really need that oxygen!

2. A second reason as to why you would yawn is just by seeing someone else yawning. Yes! Believe it or not, this is true. Say if a random person on a train who you have never talked to before yawns, it may cause you to inadvertently yawn yourself as your body thinks that it needs to yawn as well, and bring in oxygen. This is not a bad thing however, as your body will always need oxygen, so don’t try and stop yourself next time you feel yourself succumbing to the power of someone else’s yawn!

3. A third reason, one I am experiencing right now, is that if you think about yawning and stopping yourself, it will make you yawn. A signal in your brain is sent out to your body which will make you yawn, even if you’ve been telling yourself not to yawn. So the best idea is not to think about it.

4. The final reason, the most obvious, is just when you are tired. So the next time you say your not tired, and then you yawn immediately after, you know you really are tired, just you don’t want to admit it! Listen to your body if it is telling you to go to sleep!

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